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Ellis-Venable-Mason Mausoleum ca. 1927 Block 243 Eclectic

Ellis-Venable-Mason Mausoleum
ca. 1927
Block 243

William Richard Venable (3.15.1826-9.5-1873) was a pioneer settler and served as the Superior Court Clerk of Fulton County. His sons William Hoyt Venable (4.23.1852-9.1.1905) and Samuel Hoyt Venable (9.27.1856-4.28.1939) purchased Stone Mountain in 1887 for $45,000. The brothers owned and operated the mountain as a granite quarry.

Samuel, a confirmed bachelor, lived at 1410 Ponce de Leon Avenue. In 1920, Samuel deeded his half of the mountain to his sister, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Venable Mason (1873-1951). She resided at 1914 Ponce de Leon Avenue.

Samuel was associated with the second founding of the Klu Klux Klan (KKK). He granted the organization permission to hold rallies and to burn crosses on the mountain property. Later, Samuel joined other family members in permitting the Daughters of the Confederacy to carve the large relief on the north face of the mountain. After Samuel’s death, the Venable family sold Stone Mountain to the State of Georgia sometimes in the 1950s.

The mausoleum houses the remains of William R. and Samuel.