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Evelyn De Morgan / Public Domain

RH Negative Blood ≠ Alien Life

The RH negative blood supports alien pro-creation articles are making the Internet rounds. Again. The articles profess that people with RH negative blood are aliens. The theory is that people who lack the Rhesus factor and are RH negative are not of this world. Translation: They must be extraterrestrials. Unfortunately, the nonexistence of a substance does not support the existence of another. That’s a logical fallacy. So, sorry, folks. If you’re RH negative, you’re still just merely a human.

People try to prove that extraterrestrials exist all the time. They look toward the skies searching for unidentified flying objects (U.F.O.s). They lift up the narratives from Roswell, New Mexico. They document stories and process evidence. And that’s good. However, they should not use RH negative blood theories as the basis for their claims.

Ten to 15% of the population are RH negative. The largest percentage, 40-45%, are Europeans, with Spaniards and French people of Basque origins being the bulk of these people. Rhesus negative blood types lack Rhesus factors, protein substances in red blood cells. RH negative blood is the result of a natural mutation of the genes. However, the alien life claims aren’t new. A Google search finds online articles dated from 2010.

Articles claim that RH negative people share similar characteristics including higher intelligence, lower body temperatures, empathetic, sensitivity to heat, and highly tuned senses. Physical characteristics are red hair and blue/green/hazel eye color. Finally, they cannot be cloned—who has even tried? Notwithstanding the last item, this is an exhaustive list of highly desirable traits. Coupled with these characteristics, people turn to several ancient texts: the Bible, various pre-Christian writings, and the Book of Enoch. From these writings, various theories emerged.

Theory 1 states that RH negative people are direct descendants of Jesus Christ. This theory claims that “pure” RH negative people are of Scandinavian origins. Sadly, there isn’t a “pure” RH negative designation. You’re either RH negative or you’re not.

Theory 2 uses the Bible, specifically Genesis 6, as evidence that fallen angels (human-like creatures) impregnated women creating hybrid creatures. The theory claims that these “angels” were a parallel race who came down from the skies to procreate. Unfortunately, this misinterprets the Bible. It’s also an over-simplification of the creation stories.

The “Truth Theory” claims that this blood type is linked to specific ancient tribes. Well, yeah, duh, that’s genealogy. When your DNA is processed, you find out where you’re from. Therefore, it makes sense that people with RH negative blood would be related and that relationship would go back for centuries to the beginning of mankind. A stronger study would track RH negative people and whether the mutation can be passed to children.

The final piece of evidence is that the largest number of people claiming to have been abducted by extraterrestrials are RH negative. Again, this is a logical fallacy. I would love to see the survey that produced this “conclusion.”

Not having the antigen doesn’t prove the existence of alien DNA. It supports a mutation. However, as an antidote I proffer that I am RH negative. I would like to think I have a high IQ, but I’m not in the genius range. My body temperature does run lower than normal; however, I started tracking this after undergoing chemotherapy and treatment for breast cancer. I’m neither a red head nor have blue/green/hazel eyes. I have yet to be cloned, but that’s because it’s illegal. On the other hand, I submitted my DNA to Ancestry.com over 9 weeks ago and have not received the results. Maybe I’m now on an RH negative watch list for possible cloning. Hmm.