Current Locations: Marietta City and Confederate Cemetery, Kennesaw City Cemetery, and Historic Oakland Cemetery. In addition, the train wreck of 1900 at Camp’s Creek has been added to the list. API has been extremely busy. Please check out our official website for the individual cases:

The Haunted Librarian works with a team of paranormal investigators, Archer Paranormal Investigations. They primarily work in the Greater Atlanta area; however, they are able to travel to other locations. There is no fee for investigations. Please contact the Haunted Librarian or the for more information.

5 thoughts on “Investigations”

  1. chanisse said:

    Hello my name is Chanisse from Kennesaw Ga. I was interested in joining a paranormal team or sitting in on a case. I can be a great help considering I have some phychic abilities myself. please e-mail me if any prospects come up. Thanks

  2. R. Rohaven said:

    Greetings everyone, my wife and I have been to the ‘Nova House’ just one mile east of Rt60 on Rt224 outside of Ruggles, and took 85 photographs inside and out. Didn’t find a thing but the house must have been gorgeous in her hey day. I became interested in the paranormal when I accidentally photographed a orb with something inside of it. (Not at all human) followed accouple of days later by a photo of a human ghost and some sort of entity just above the human ghost,(none were see by the human eye, just camera lens/light) since then I’ve photographed many things in our house some if most are unexplainable. We moved to this house about 3 years ago, never had this in past homes we’ve owned. The house was made around. 1908, the entities, outside of a few prancks on us are peaceful and they I hope understand that we accept them as extended family. Most of my pics are on my FB account and a web sight called ‘Creepy Ghostly encounters’. But any wow just want to say Hi, and tell our story abet.

  3. Hi
    This site is really interesting and living in Scotland I can state sincerely that this is a very haunted country.

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