Who doesn’t love a good movie? These are tops on my list. No particular order.

The Conjuring (2013). It was refreshing to see a horror movie that did not rely on eye-candy, gross out visual techniques to tell the story. This movie is pretty good. In fact, I keep on watching. The soundtrack is killer. The acting is believable. And the story? Spine chilling. The Annabelle Doll is freaky. I was relieved when the storyline shifted far away from it. The dialog is quick-witted. Viewers need to remember that this is “based on” the events and the story was condensed to fill the Hollywood format. I’m looking forward to the sequel.

Ghost Ship (2002). Although this movie was critically panned, I still liked it. And I’m still watching it. The storyline follows a salvage crew as they attempt to claim a sinking ocean liner. The problem is that no one can claim the treasure because it’s all cursed.

Identity (2003). Ten strangers are stranded in the Nevada desert during a powerful rainstorm when they start being killed off by some unknown–or is it–entity. Interwoven through the story is a last minute emergency hearing where a psychologist is attempting to save the life of his patient.

Poltergeist (1982). This movie still thrills. It is a classic. Horror films were moving away from the Zombie imploding 70s and focusing on the paranormal activities of today. Special effects were better, too. The real-life drama of the actors and production crew may have overshadowed this film. This movie is on my monthly playlist.

Scream (1996). This movie changed the horror film genre by making fun of the genre through the “rules.” The gore is kept to a minimum. but the laughs are still there. Follow the sequels to see how the writers keep changing the horror film landscape.

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  1. I feel like we would be good friends; we seem to have the same taste in movies.

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