TV/Web Shows

I’m a huge fan of good TV. Here are some of my favorite shows:

The Dead Files (2011-). Amy Allan interacts with the entities that are interfering with average people. Steve DiSchiavi investigates the locations and attempts to link Amy’s findings to historical data. This show is one of my top picks. I prefer the investigations with actual people over the infamous locations, though.

Ghost Adventures (2008-). I call them “Zak and the Boys.” And I mean it as a term of endearment. This show has evolved from a three-man crew to a full fledge reality show. I like the addition of Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley in the command center with Aaron in front of the camera. At times Zak can be melodramatic, but I keep on viewing. It’s entertainment not scientific research. Nothing wrong with that.

Ghost Hunters (2004-). This show highlights how paranormal investigators are like you and me. I’m torn with the new format, though. I prefer the former helping (“we’re here to help”) spirit of the investigations with the on-screen analysis to the current “thanks for letting us investigate” nature of the cast.

The Haunting of … (2011-). Kim Russo is adorable and so perky. She hasn’t let her abilities–or fame–change her. She is endearing AND pretty spot-on. Her positive attitude is refreshing.

Paranormal State (2007-2011). This show added an important religious element to the investigations. I was introduced to Lorraine Warren through her appearances. Big fan of Chip Coffey.

Paranormal Witness (2011-). This show vacillates between paranormal anomalies and unexplained phenomena. I prefer the ghost-related episodes. The producers cull their stories from old events and other TV programs creating an hour-long program.

2 thoughts on “TV/Web Shows”

  1. How do you feel about “The Haunted” on “Animal Planet?” We have a positive “presence” in our 1940s Florida home, and my dogs seem to focus on a couple of rooms in the house. They stare, as if they are listening to, watching, or being communicated with, “someone.”

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