Lesia Miller Schnur

Lesia Miller Schnur

A former librarian, the Haunted Librarian started the blog www.thehauntedlibrarian.com to share her research, investigations, and photography of the various places she explores. As part of a team of paranormal investigators with Archer Paranormal Investigations (API), the Haunted Librarian focused on the historical aspects of the haunting and attempted to link the past with the present. API is now an online fictional novel.

At the age of 3, The Haunted Librarian experienced her first paranormal event. At the time her family was living in Reno, Nevada. One evening her mother found her sitting in the stairwell “playing” with an unknown girl. Since that experience, she has attempted to learn as much on the topic, as well as conduct historical research on haunted locations. Further, the Haunted Librarian spends a great deal of time in cemeteries. She wants to share her photographs and stories with others.

The Haunted Librarian holds an M.A. in Library and Information Sciences; an M.A. in Professional Writing; and a J.D. degree.

Follow Lesia’s blog postings at www.TheHauntedLibrarian.com and www.HauntJaunts.net.

9 thoughts on “About”

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere, Sister. Since I know we both watch “The Dead Files,” and other similar paranormal investigation shows I am excited to follow your blog. Good luck!

  2. Caryn Fennell said:

    This is awesome………

  3. Marcela-Paz said:

    Hi there, I think that I will be very glad reading your posts.
    One question, What are for you Orbs?

  4. Karen Rogal said:

    Just was looking up the Oliver House in Chester PA. I was born and raised in Chester and have never heard about the place, neither have any of my friends. Just wanted to let you know you were probably right about a made up story.

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