Go-To Tools

Here are some of my Go-To tools when I am out on an investigation.

Ghost Radar: Legacy
One of my go-to tools is an app for my smartphone. Ghost Radar: Legacy is easy to use and generates some interesting—and relevant—words. In addition, I am successful in capturing orbs and light anomalies by watching the energy signals.

Spud Pickles produces a free version, “Classic,” or for .99¢ one may upgrade to the “Legacy” version. “Ghost Radar is a portable application designed to detect paranormal activity.” Clearly labeled “for entertainment purposes,” the app runs sensors that search for “interesting patterns.” The navigation tabs include: Vox, Radar, Words, and Report Readings. The radar incorporates a “Proprietary Algorithm” that analyzes quantum flux (under title “Vox.”). The manufactures caution that this is not an EMF detector; nor does it detect gravity. Under the “Radar” tab, the program runs an “Intelligent Energy Detection” program designed to identify intense energy signals. The signals are color-coded: Blue = Weakest signal; Green = Medium; Yellow = Increasing signal; and Red = Intense signal. The area being scanned differs from the immediate vicinity up to 50 yards away. The most popular feature is the “Voice of Warning.” The program generates words that may be coming from an energy source. This is different from a Spirit Box. With Legacy, words appear on the screen overtop of the Radar. There is no way of knowing which, if any, energy signal produces the words. Finally, the program can e-mail reports.

Immediately upon arrival at an investigation, I turn on the app. It requires time to warm up. This varies according to the intensity of the energy. Sometimes the app displays several words in red (warming up) before turning to grey and then black. Depending on the words, I usually disregard the words in red. However, there have been times when the words were relevant or repeated once I got going. This is why I review evidence on a case-by-case basis. Each case is different.

So, why am I blown away with Ghost Radar: Legacy? I have gotten the best evidence and most relevant words using this app. I’ve used other apps and the Ovilus III, but this is hands down the winner. Here are some examples: While in the Kennesaw House, a hotel during the Civil War, the radar generated the word “Lincoln.” And the energy signals were constant and intense. The Kennesaw House is supposed to have thousands of ghosts inhabiting it. Often I will get the word “hello” when I am starting an investigation and always after I have introduced myself.

At Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, the radar generated “football,” “play,” and “score” while I was near the Grant family mausoleum. Ten-year-old Hugh Inman Grant died in 1906 from appendicitis. His parents donated $15,000 toward the construction of the athletic fields. Today, Georgia Tech plays football at the Bobby Dodd Stadium at Historic Grant Field.

At the Marietta City and Confederate Cemetery, the radar generated the following words: way, across, rise, bar, mental, slave, and somebody. I was in the Confederate Portion. Most notably, the word “slave” appeared when I was at the Slave Section.

During one investigation, my paranormal team co-founder seemed to have a conversation with the ghost via the radar. The ghost was troubled (“failed”) by not seeing her grandchild’s birth. However, the conversation evolved into an intelligent discussion about how the ghost “usually” sees her grandchildren.

The radar does not repeat the same words on every investigation. This is the trouble I have with the Ovilus III, which always generates the same 10-15 words no matter the location. The Ghost Radar: Legacy displayed the word “talmage” on one investigation. This is a specific word and one that has a lot of meaning in Georgia. Herman Eugene Talmage, Sr. was the governor of Georgia in 1947 and then again from 1948-1955. Turns out that the owner of the home’s father worked for the former governor. More important was that the word generated while we were in the room with the homeowner and next to an artifact from Governor Talmage himself!

I am a huge fan. There is another newer version, the Ghost Radar: Connect, for $1.99; however, I am sticking with what works.

For more information, visit http://spudpickles.com/app/ghost-radar-legacy/.


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