People of Earth is Special


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People of Earth is Special

U.F.O. encounters become mainstream entertainment in People of Earth. TBS’s new comedic series is quirky and light while long on humor.

The 10-episode first season of People of Earth follows Ozzie Graham (played by Wyatt Cenac), a journalist, who profiles a small group of “experiencers” (preferred term for alien abductees) who form the support group StarCrossed. The members of the group meet to reconcile their experiences with three distinct types of aliens. Ozzie unintentionally outs the members but ultimately believes them and takes a job at the local small-town newspaper.

The TBS original comedy incorporates subtle humor while not poking fun of the experiencers. Instead, the show’s humor lies in addressing the loneliness and rejection the group members experience in real life. The aliens make sure that the abductees feel special as they end the abduction by reaffirming: You are special. People of Earth is worth the time. Check it out.


Read some of the positive reviews:


Halloween is Popular–Seriously Popular



Halloween is Popular—Seriously Popular


Next week children and adults across America will celebrate Halloween. Seven in 10 American adults plan to partake in the spooky tradition. Consumer spending in 2015 exceeded $7.9 billion dollars. Spending this year is expected to surpass $8.4 billion dollars. Halloween is a seriously popular holiday.

Over 68% of adult respondents stated they planned on celebrating Halloween in 2015. That’s a lot! Children and adults celebrate the holiday. Both dress up. Last year 11% of children dressed up as a princess, while 13% of adults dressed up as witches. However, pets are also participating, with 11% of adults saying they dress up their pets. This year, superhero costumes are the favorite. Halloween is a family affair.

Candy collecting peaks on October 31st. According to Influenster (, candy corn remains popular in a lot of states. Surprising! Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were the top choice of the 40,000 respondents. Note: This survey only surveyed users of the site. More importantly, Americans spend $27 per person on candy. That equals $2.5 billion on candy alone. Candy spending for Halloween has now surpassed Easter candy spending.

Halloween embraces the things we love: dressing up and eating candy. But Halloween is more complex than that. There are many sources available online to research the origins of the holiday. Just know: It’s not the Devil’s Holiday; it’s America’s.



Shakespeare and Co.–Must Eat Here



Shakespeare and Company—Must Eat Here


When in Lexington, make sure to eat at Shakespeare and Co., Whenever I’m attending Scarefest, I always dine (multiple times even) here. I love it! The iced tea is fresh—very important for me. The décor is shabby chic, which I cannot pull off at home. Finally, my teenage daughter can chow down on crepes and Caesar wraps, while I enjoy the shrimp and avocado sandwich. Located in the heart of downtown (with 2 additional locations in the Lexington area), the restaurant is two blocks from the Lexington Convention Center. Next year when you head to Scarefest, plan on stopping in.


Interior beverage station.


Beautiful interior.

Campy Antics at Scarefest 9


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Campy Antics at Scarefest 9


“All things eerie and mysterious” descend in Lexington every fall. Scarefest started in 2008. Held annually in Lexington, Kentucky, Scarefest is billed as the largest horror and paranormal convention in the United States. Every year Patty Star, owner and CEO, attempts to outdo the previous year. This year was no different. Built around the incredibly popular and financially lucrative franchise of “Friday the 13th,” Scarefest 9’s theme was “Camp Scarefest.”

Celebrity guests are the largest draw for attendees. Camping out this year were former stars from Friday the 13th movies, Rob Zombie’s 31, The People under the Stairs, Scream, and Children of the Corn. Rounding out the schedule were paranormal favorites Kim Russo, Jason Hawes, Chip Coffey, and new breakout fan-favorite Elizabeth Saint. Attendees have a lot of access with V.I.P. parties, photo opportunities, and chit-chatting at the individual tables.

There’s a great deal to take in. Balancing out the celebrity sightings are vendors and seminars. In addition, cosplay appears to be growing with the addition of professional cosplay entertainers. Bring a camera and don’t be shy. These performers love an audience and enjoy posing with fans.

This year Paranormal Filler host Wes Forsythe kicked off the inaugural season of Scarefest Radio, Wes brings vendors and guests to the Internet airwaves as a preview for the coming events. Brilliant! Scarefest Radio returns in a couple of weeks for Scarefest 10. Tune in for a chance to win a 3-day pass, given away weekly.


Horror Movies Summer 2016


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Most Anticipated Horror Movie for Summer 2016 Is…

The Conjuring 2 premieres June 10th. The sequel to the immensely popular The Conjuring, which grossed over $137 million in the US alone, follows Ed and Lorraine Warren to London where they investigate the infamous “Enfield Hauntings.” Be warned: The sequel is merely influenced by the alleged poltergeist activity from 1977-1979.

The paranormal activity occurring in Enfield, UK transpired over a 2 year period. It involved a single mother, Peggy Hodgson, and two of her four children, Janet (age 11) and Johnny (age 10). On August 30, 1977, Janet and Johnny heard shuffling noises and saw the dresser slide across the floor. Thus began the UK’s most famous poltergeist story. [Read more at].

The Enfield Poltergeist

The Enfield Poltergeist

The A & E Network featured the three-part mini-series The Enfield Haunting last year. The series performed quite well, opening with 750,000 U.K. viewers alone. It can been seen in the US, as well. It is a closer adaptation to published reports on what transpired back then and who was involved.

According to Guy Lyon Playfair of the Society for Psychical Research and who investigated the hauntings, the Warrens were not involved with the investigation and spent merely a day at the location. Not surprising. Hollywood likes to bend the truth.

Read more comparing the real events to the reel version at

According to, this summer is packed with horror movies. Preview the list with release dates at


Your Silence Is Deafening: An Open Letter To the Target Boycotters

I try to keep politics off of my site. However, I’m concerned hate is becoming the “religious” norm, especially against the paranormal community (more on that topic in June).

Drifting Through My Open Mind


I hear you.

You’re angry.

I get it, I’m angry too.

I’m not talking to the people who are angry at Target because their Pro Transgender bathroom policy flies in the face of their cherry picked moral compass. I’m not under any obligation  to respect their beliefs. 

I’m talking to you… the people who have no issue with sharing a bathroom with LGBT people. I’m talking to those of you who are speaking out about this bathroom policy, expressing concern over the women and children who you fear will be in danger because of this policy.

You’re reasonable people. You aren’t expressing hate or bigotry. You just worry. You worry about your kids, your wives, your sisters. I worry too.

I probably worry too much. I have always accompanied my younger kids to the bathroom in public places. When my son was too old to go into the women’s room, I…

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Grammar for Ghost Hunters: The Comma


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Grammar for Ghost Hunters

Grammar  matters! No matter your career, hobbies, or social media, you are only as credible as the grammar you use. However, if you don’t write, you may have forgotten some of the rules.

This is a multi-blog series devoted to demystifying grammar using paranormal content as examples.

Today, we will discuss the ever useful comma.

The Comma: A comma is used to alleviate confusion. It was invented to help readers understand the intent of the writing. It is not where you pause. There are simple rules for usage.


Incorrect: If you cook zombies will congregate.

Correct: If you cook, zombies will congregate.

We usually don’t cook zombies. Further, you should avoid cooking smells when zombies are near.


When you write, you compose sentences combining nouns with verbs. In the above example, the noun is you; the verb is cook. Don’t worry about the zombies.


Rule 1: A sentence is an independent clause. When you have two or more independent clauses, you may join them with a comma. Use the seven coordinating conjunctions: and, but, or, nor, for, so, and yet.


Most paranormal investigators have never photographed a full-bodied apparition, yet all remain hopeful.

Independent clause 1: noun = investigators; verb = never.

Independent clause 2: noun = all; verb = remain.


Exception: When the two independent clauses are short—very short. In general, don’t rely on the exceptions.


Rule 2: Place a comma after the opening word group.

Near the cemetery gates, the team discovered an overgrown trail.

Although Ronald “Butch” DeFeo, Jr. claimed he was possessed at the time, he was convicted of killing his family.

Although the movie The Amityville Horror was popular, it was not factually accurate.


Rule 3: Use a comma after all items in a series. This is sometimes called the Oxford Comma.

Paranormal investigators use digital cameras, infrared video cameras, and digital voices recorders to document investigations.

Investigations entail historical research, interviews, photographing the location, and filming.

Ghostbusters (2016) stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones.

There are four types of hauntings: residual haunting, intelligent haunting, poltergeist haunting, and demonic haunting.


Rule 4: Commas separate coordinate adjectives not joined with the word “and.”

The urban legend Bloody Mary has grown into a popular, lucrative movie franchise.

“Breaking the News” is a monthly, informative paranormal news segment on Paranormal Filler.


Rule 5: Use a comma after transitional expressions like however, moreover, and therefore.

Our investigation at Old South Pittsburg Hospital generated a lot of video; therefore, we will take longer to review.

The Internet has made sharing evidence easier; however, it has produced more faked evidence.

Black-eyed children sightings are up; however, their origin is unknown.


Rule 6: Do not use a comma to separate a noun from the verbs.

The Haunted Librarian writes a blog and dishes the paranormal news every month on Paranormal Filler with Wes Forsythe.


Note: This listing is not exhaustive. There are more discreet rules. However, these are the basic comma rules. For more information, please visit the various grammar Web sites found through your favorite search engine.





Breaking the News: Space, Research, and Advertising


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Breaking the News

Tonight on “Breaking the News,” Wes and I discussed sounds in space, continued (i.e., legitimate) university research in the paranormal field, Craigslist ads, and another “demon” video. Below are some links to the news stories; however, listen to the archived show for excellent commentary!

Apollo 10 and “outer spacy type music”:

The University of Virginia’s Division of Perceptual Studies: Follow the links for full-text articles related to their three main areas of research: Children claiming to remember part lives, reincarnation, and near death experiences (NDEs).

Teams advertising on Craigslist: Try to resist.

Video purports “demon” turning pages of a burned bible:

Visit to listen.


“Breaking the News” this Sunday


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I’m back on Wes Forsythe’s Paranormal Filler,, this Sunday, February 21st at 9 PM for “Breaking the News.” Every month I chat with Wes about the latest news, tidbits, and, well, filler in the the paranormal field.

Tune in at 8 PM to hear Ghost Hunter‘s Samatha Hawes and stay for the fun at 9 PM. Become a subscriber and see us via Skype! A fabulous time is had by all!

Evidence Ghosts Exist


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Evidence Ghosts Exist

Last week, I tweeted this link, I previewed the slideshow and was fascinated by what I read. Contributor Tom Baker assembled a lot of compelling evidence. The topics ran the gamut: how haunted real estate affects prices, the Stone Tape Theory, the prevalence of ghosts in popular culture, the vast number of ghost sightings, and a fake photograph with a couple that make you pause. There are 10 slides, each offering a separate reason why ghosts may really, really be real.

I would love to expand on the reasons; however, I would do the article an injustice. You should scroll through them on your own. If I had to pick one reason I would write about how scientists, ones who have advanced college degrees, have studied and are still studying paranormal activity. This is encouraging! More paranormal investigators should participate. Remember: Amateur astronomers have discovered planets. Think of what you can contribute.


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