5 Things to Know about Us (2019)


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Jordan Peele’s second film Us shattered box office expectations this weekend. Here are five things to know before you go see the movie. No worries: no spoilers are discussed.

  1. The film’s budget was $20 million, relatively low for full-length feature films. The film was expected to earn between $38-45 million in the U.S. Instead it brought in a cool $70 million. Global total is nearly $87 million.
  2. The film’s code name was “Deep Cuts.” Film canisters mailed to theaters contained this code name.
  3. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk was used for a lot of the filming. Since it boasts numerous vintage arcade games and rides, the boardwalk was an ideal location. Dummies were used to represent people on the rides, and CGI graphics used to add people’s bodies. By the way, the boardwalk was the set for another horror film: The Lost Boys (1987).
  4. Look for the number sequence 11:11 as it appears throughout the film.
  5. Jordan Peele’s cameo is the voice of the fun house narrator.

Look for Us at your local cinema. With it’s strong opening weekend, it should be around for a few weeks. The movie is rated R and runs 1 hour and 56 minutes.

Supernatural Ending at 15 Seasons

Supernatural Ending at 15 Seasons

After 15 seasons, Supernatural is ending. Although expected, the announcement was unique in that the co-stars made the announcement on Twitter. Originally, producers were hoping to squeak out 300 episodes; however, this announcement ensures that the series will reach 327 total episodes. The final season will have 20 episodes, beginning in the Fall of 2019. As we mourn the passing of the Winchester brothers, enjoy my blog article “5 Things I Learned While Binging Supernatural,https://thehauntedlibrarian.com/2018/02/18/5-things-i-learned-while-binging-supernatural/.

DNA Testing Does NOT Prove Who Was Jack the Ripper


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DNA Testing Does NOT Prove Who Was Jack the Ripper

Here we go again. A new peer reviewed article published in Journal of Forensic Sciences claims that the DNA testing conducted by Drs. Jari Louhelainen and David Miller have finally discovered who was Jack the Ripper. The problem remains: The DNA testing merely shows who the blood and semen on a shawl was. Nothing more.

In 2007, Jack the Ripper aficionado Russell Edwards bought a shawl. He hired Louhelainen, an expert in molecular biology, to conduct DNA analysis. Samples of semen and blood were tested. Louhelainen found 99.2% and 100% matches to Aaron Kosminski, a Polish barber who was 23 at the time of the murders.

The “Whitechapel Murders” consisted of 11 murdered women in the Whitechapel area of London from April 3, 1888-February 13, 1891. Of the 11, 5 victims’ murders showed similarities. These 5 are considered the “Canonical Five” whereby the murderer was nicknamed “Jack the Ripper.” These murders occurred from August 31, 1888-November 9, 1888. The fourth woman killed was Catherine “Kate” Eddowes. She was killed shortly after the third victim, Elizabeth Stride, on September 30, 1888 in Whitechapel’s Mitre Square. Supposedly, Edwards purchased Eddowes’ shawl. However, there are a lot of questions surrounding the shawl and the DNA analysis.


Testing was completed in 2014 with Edwards publishing his book Naming Jack the Ripper claiming that he has proven who Jack the Ripper was by naming Aaron Kosminski. Here is a short list of problems with the newly published article co-authored by Louhelainen and Miller:

  1. Provenance (ownership) of the shawl has not been proven;
  2. It’s not clear the shawl was actually at the crime scene;
  3. The shawl was handled quite a bit between 1888 until 2007 when it was purchased;
  4. Early police reports and memoirs of investigators identify a “Kosminski” as a possible suspect; however, his first name was never written down. Further, at least one notation stated this man died shortly after the last victim was murdered. Aaron Kosminski lived until 1919.
  5. There isn’t any evidence from the other 4 crime scenes which can be compared to the DNA evidence on the shawl. This is huge.
  6. But most problematic is that Edwards hired Louhelainen. He commissioned the testing.

Don’t fall for the hype related to this story. The DNA evidence merely shows that a man named Aaron Kosminski had sex with Catherine Eddowes. It does not show he killed her.

What We Do in the Shadows (2019) Debuts March 27th


What We Do in the Shadows (2019) Debuts March 27th

Cult favorite What We Do in the Shadows (2014) gets a TV show. The 10-episode series debuts on FX on March 27th. Jemaine Clement (Legions) and Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok) co-wrote and co-directed the New Zealand mockumentary on a tight $1.6 million-dollar budget. The film generated nearly $7 million in the U.S. alone. Talk of a spin-off TV series has circulated for a couple of years. The U.S.-based mockumentary series follows 5 new vampire roommates navigating a modern New York world. Early critic reviews are positive. Tune in! In the meantime, enjoy this official trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyZi3rJPENs.