Dark Side of the Paranormal: June Lundgren



Psychic June Lundgren

There is a dark side to the paranormal. In this realm, demons tempt humans by any means necessary. Sometimes people unintentionally attract these demons; however, some actually seek them out. Once someone has an attachment, that person eventually needs the attachment removed. One person who conducts these negative removals is June Lundgren.

Demons are real. They stalk their victims and seek those who have wavering faith in God, whatever that means to a person. The demon’s ultimate goals are to inflict pain and suffering. How the demon realizes these goals is to attach himself to the victim. Ms. Lundgren spoke about her work on The Midnight Society with Tim Weisberg by stating: “Once you have an attachment, you’re screwed.”

Lundgren spoke of how demons travel in packs. Through her work, she may remove several attachments (starting with the weakest and building up to the powerful), advising people not to perform these removals on their own. She detailed how she watches how the demons act before she begins her work. June’s guardian archangel assisting her is Uriel.

The Four Archangels.

Archangel Uriel is a member of God’s Legion of Light, which includes Archangels Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel. These angels are channeled through various people called to perform God’s work by hunting demons. (Note: Most people do not seek out becoming demon hunters.) Lundgren described how these angels appear to her even stating that “Gabe” has a sense of humor, and Michael wears jeans.

Popular entertainment romanticizes alliances with demons and demon possessions. Unfortunately, someone afflicted with an attachment or a possession doesn’t realize that his story will not end as glamourous as portrayed in movies or on reality TV ghost hunting shows. In fact, attachments are serious and dangerous.

Lundgren highlighted several popular urban legend remedies that do not work. These include the use of crystals, sage, and crucifixes without the image of Jesus. Regarding sage, she says, “God forbid you sage!” What she means is that oftentimes sage exacerbates the situation. Leave it to the professionals. She discounts the use of brake dust (yeah, as in the dust from your car’s brakes) and lines of salt. (Lines of salt work on earthbound spirits but not all demons.)

There are a couple of remedies that do work, such as wearing a Star of David or a crucifix with Jesus’ image. Holy water is also advisable.

Lundgren is affable and blunt. She cautions people to never provoke demons, shadow people, and negative earthbound spirits. She does not charge any fees and is available for remote removals. For more information, visit her website at http://www.ghostsandgirlsparanormal.com/ and https://mysticconnections.org/.

Consider becoming a member of The Midnight Society, midnight.fm, and listen to June’s archived interview.

Personality Traits of Alien Abductees, a.k.a. Experiencers



An illustration of a body rising into a UFO on a beam of light.

Richard J. McNally, PhD shared the results on a limited research study awaiting publication in Journal of Experimental Psychopathology titled “Explaining ‘Memories’ of Space Alien Abduction and Past Lives: An Experimental Psychopathology Approach.” He and his team identified five (5) personality traits among “experiencers,” people who were supposedly abducted by extraterrestrial lifeforms. Although they could not confirm or ascertain whether all or most traits needed to be present, McNally felt that any experiencer would exhibit at least one trait. The traits were: 1. Affliction of sleep paralysis accompanied with hallucinations upon waking; 2. Ability to recall false memories; 3. Prone to high levels of Absorption; 4. Believing in New Age ideology; and 5. Extensive knowledge of other experiencer stories. After reading the notes given at an address before the World Behavioral & Cognitive Therapies in Boston, Mass., June 4, 2010, I can attest that the study was by far too limited and deeply biased.

5 Traits

  1. Sleep Paralysis Followed by Hallucinations upon Waking. The researchers collected stories from participants who experienced sleep paralysis and began to hallucinate. Sleep paralysis is the inability to move limbs while one is conscious. It causes anxiety. The researchers found that the experiencers would begin to hallucinate seeing lights and feeling sensations.
  2. Recall False Memories. Researchers conducted memory recovery sessions with experiencers. At these times, leading questions were utilized to elicit narratives. Some of the stories were not authentic. False Memory Syndrome (FMS) is when pseudo-memories of traumatic events are proffered as possible real-life events. People who are highly susceptible are at risk of turning the suggestion into a false memory.
  3. High Levels of Absorption. Absorption is a term used for people who are prone to fantastical thinking and vivid imagery. They are highly susceptible and embellish stories.
  4. Belief in the New Age Movement. The New Age Movement encompasses a lot of different thinking and activities. Among the most popular are fortune telling; tarot card readings; alternative medicine; astrology; and belief in ghosts.
  5. Extensive Knowledge of Past Abduction Stories. The study claims that most experiencers knew a lot about other alien abduction stories and histories.

The author premised that the participants, 10 in all, appeared sane yet sincerely believed that they were abducted by extraterrestrials.

While the traits may be used to classify types of experiencers, it falls flat in execution. There were 10 experiencers involved in the study. There simply were not enough participants.

Next, the author was clear that there was not one magic combination of traits to identity an experiencer. Whew, because I can identify with 3 and can attest that I’ve never been abducted. Therefore, this is not a foolproof classification system.

While administering the memory recovery sessions, the author shared an anecdotal story on how it was difficult to record short narratives because the team kept laughing. None on the team seemed open to the idea of alien abductions. They conducted the research already settling on the outcome. This is a major error in academic research.

Finally, since the researchers had already passed judgement and deemed these stories false, there was no way established to verify if they could have happened. The author flat out states that no serious professional would believe alien abductions occur; therefore, he was conducting research to find out why people who looked sane were, in fact, not. That’s not research, my friend.

However, a facet of the research may be able to shed light on experiencers and their abduction stories. More research should be conducted in sleep paralysis. Memory recovery sessions should be conducted by professionals who are not biased or use leading questions. There is much to learn from the 10+ years since McNally addressed his peers. Let’s ensure it’s constructed with proper protocols that include cross-discipline researchers. And maybe, just maybe, look toward the successful academics who have come out stating their belief that we are not alone.

Skunk Ape: Florida’s Bigfoot


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The Skunk Ape Headquarters in Ochopee, FL.

As far back as the 1920s, wildlife trappers and fishermen whispered stories of sighting a 7-foot-tall, ape-like bipedal creature lurking in the swamps of Florida. One such sighting was reported at Quednau Ranch, Charlotte County, when a Boy Scout Troop was camping in the area on August 15, 1962 (The incident wasn’t reported until years later, though.) The number of sightings picked up through the 70s and 80s and now total 328, according to The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, bfro.net. By then, the creature had a name: Skunk Ape.

The Pensacola News (August 9, 1971) issue carried the story of H.C. Osbon. H.C. and 4 friends were in the Big Cypress Swamp, officially known as the Big Cypress National Preserve, digging for Native Indian artifacts. At 3 AM, the men were inside their tents when they heard a noise. They decided to investigate and saw a 7’ 700-pound creature. The next morning, they found tracks measuring 17 ½ inches. They made plaster molds. From the tracks, Osbon theorized there were at least three apes. The article concluded with Osbon vowing to return for more evidence.

By 1974, Skunk Ape fever was spreading, and people were venturing into the swamp to catch a glimpse. One such person was then 10-year-old Dave Shealy. He and his brother, Jack, were able to spot one standing 100’ away. Dave had found his passion; he would build a career around the Skunk Ape.

Ochopee (pronounced “O-Chopp-ee”) sits at the intersection of US 41 and State Road 29 within the Big Cypress Swamp, a 720,000 acre federally protected preserve established on October 4, 1974. Ochopee is in unincorporated Collier County. Big Cypress sits within 3 counties: Collier, Monroe, and Miami-Dade. Ochopee is also home to Shealy’s Skunk Ape Research Headquarters, located at 40904 Tamiami Trail E., Ochopee, Florida.

The Seminole and Miccosukee Indian tribes traveled and resided within this area. They also tell tales of the Skunk Ape, although he is known by several names: Skunk Ape, Swamp Ape, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, and the Florida Yeti. Skunk Ape is the one that stuck. It is said that the name refers to the strong odor, presumably sweat and animal carcass, exuding from the creatures.

Stories continue, as do the descriptions. In 1997, Jan Brock, local realtor, and Vince Doerr, Chief Ochopee Fire Control District, individually spotted a bipedal creature. Doerr was able to capture the creature on film. Both described a 7-foot, red-haired creature possibly weighing around 400 pounds. It is also reported that the creatures only have 4 toes per foot.

Vince Doerr image from 1997.

According to Dave Shealy, the apes eat conch, little lobsters, and lima beans.

The non-stop building in Florida may be encroaching on the natural habitat; therefore, the cryptids may be heading into the larger swamps, where they can hide—possibly inside alligator holes—and avoid humans. Air boats have made it easier for humans to go out in search of the apes. To date there have been 325 sightings in Florida. Although there isn’t definitive evidence, such as a carcass, this does not necessarily make the Skunk Ape a figment of people’s imaginations. It certainly hasn’t curbed the interest in sighting such creatures.

Midnight.FM Expands Programming


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Mack Maloney hosts a weekly radio show. He is joined with co-hosts Juan Juan and Commander Cobra to discuss UFOs and other paranormal topics. Special guests add to the entertaining conversation. Mack Maloney’s Military X-Files has enjoyed dedicated audiences and has evolved into one of the Internet’s popular paranormal programs. The new paranormal station, Midnight.FM, has added the show to its programming line-up. Tune in and discover what others have found: Paranormal shows can be lighthearted AND educational.

Hotel Paranormal on TRVL


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Narrated by Dan Aykroyd, Hotel Paranormal debuted on The Travel Channel, officially known as TRVL, last Saturday, July 11th. Mr. Aykroyd, a serious believer in the paranormal, delivers a tempered dialog drawing viewers into the reenactments of various paranormal phenomena occurring in hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts. The official show website finally loaded just in time for the US debut, https://www.travelchannel.com/shows/hotel-paranormal. The show debuted internationally in Canada and then transitioned to the US market. It’s refreshing to see the cable channel branch out locating fresh faces—and very experienced experts in the field—and trying out new shows.

Dan Aykroyd narrates each episode.

The first season consists of 5 episodes, at least. The first one, “Paranormal Predator,” profiled 3 separate events. The first segment was the longest and retold Frank Ramirez’s chilling stay in a motel in Texas, 2017. This segment was also the most compelling. Actual video and photographs supplemented the story. All three segments featured realistic reenactments with minimal gimmicks.

Three paranormal experts reacted and responded to the segments. Michael J. Worden, author; Tim Weisberg, paranormal expert and radio host; and Linda Zimmerman, paranormal expert, calmly discuss different aspects of the hauntings. They do not overplay the event and speculate dramatically. They appear professional and rationale—something missing in US paranormal TV shows.

New episodes air on TRVL on Saturdays. The episodes replay on the following Sunday. If you missed an episode, view the episode guide https://www.travelchannel.com/shows/hotel-paranormal. For the first episode, the replays are listed here https://www.travelchannel.com/shows/hotel-paranormal/episodes/paranormal-predator.

Here’s the promotional trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9imIqvoo7g

Here’s a teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUrnS1Mxh2k

TRVL has a hit in the making. Polished and slick, Hotel Paranormal channels The Twilight Zone and offers new stories with a film noir touch.

Dragon Con Cancelled for 2020

It was with a heavy heart that the governing body of Dragon Con announced that this year’s convention was cancelled. Admittedly, I understand; personally, I’m relieved they announced 2 months before the event was to kick-off. As a Professional Guest, I appreciate the consideration the entire Dragon Con community have afforded to the fans, guests, and vendors. For information, visit https://www.dragoncon.org/updates/. The Updates include a comprehensive—yet cheeky—FAQs. I look forward to seeing everyone in 2021!

Midnight.FM Swag Arrives


The new paranormal Internet radio station, Midnight.FM, has opened an online store. The first item for sale relates to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base housing extraterrestrials. The base spreads across two counties and adjoins several towns. One town is Fairborn, Ohio, location of several alien abduction stories.

The T-shirts come in Men and Women sizes, regular, soft, and heavy. The introductory price includes a special discount. The self-described T-shirt claims that Fairborn is “home to flying saucers, Men in Black, and out of this world multidimensional legends. Visit Weird Fairborn, Ohio.”

I’ve ordered my T-shirt, which is a huge deal because I rarely wear them; however, once we’re past the COVID pandemic, I will be taking a road trip to Ohio and visiting “Weird Fairborn.”

Click here to view: https://midnightfm.threadless.com/. Buttons are also available!