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23 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Amanda Osborne said:

    I am doing research on Waverly Hills. I am trying to find out a round about time when they place will become a hotel to the public?

    • The last media report I read was that the owners received the blessing and permits from the city. I imagine it will take awhile to renovate. Their website is fairly current. They may be waiting on funding. Good luck!

      • Hi…I was reading a response you wrote iwhich you referred to “hackers” joining which was probably the reason “Fact or Faked” was cancelled. Can you elaborate on this since I loveds the show and never understood why it died on the vine?

      • I’m trying to find the response so I can elaborate. Which page or topic was it posted under? Working off my Nook limits my search ability. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Is this the old prison that sits behind Grant Park Elementary School? I went to that school in the 1960’s and was hoping to find info on the old closed prison that was behind the school.

  3. sharyl Goings said:

    I’m not sure if you know anything about spirits leaving messages on my phone pictures while i was sleeping. I live in Cartersville Ga.

    I also believe my home has spirits i hear things knocking. I grew up in Cassadaga Fl. I know spirits exist.

    Thanks Sharyl

  4. I live in Youngstown, Ohio and just found out about this “Benjamin Albright/Nova House” issue. I will see what I can find out.

  5. I’m sorry I wasn’t very clear was I. Okay the discussion was in regards to Nick Groff leaving GA. You said “Thanks. But no Jay?? Last thing I wanted to see was some hacker joining for ratings. Kind of what happened on Fact or Faked.” I hope this helps understand what I was referring to. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for clarifying. When Fact or Faked started it had people who were more investigators than actors. When some of them left, the positions were filled with actors who kind of investigated. It seemed to me that “pretty” people were chosen over professional inventors, photographers, etc. Hope that makes sense.

  6. Yes it does make sense. It’s really a shame because Bill from the show was very interested in a video captured in my business a couple of years ago. It is a shadow figure in the attic and very clear movement can be seen of this figure. When Bill saw it he was extremely excited and wanted to contact me. Unfortunately the show was cancelled shortly after and I never knew what happened and was never contacted. I agree that a lot of these shows start well and then something happens. Whether it’s for ratings or as you state actors who investigate and take the place of serious investigators. It seems it happens more often than not. Love your website and information and enjoy reading your thoughts and opinions. Thank you. πŸ™‚

  7. nikkie melton said:

    Sorry I didn’t mean to send it again, my daughter was calling my phone & whn I picked up it up, I thought I messed up commenting so I hit send again, my bad!!! The page sent me back a smart butt comment saying ” looks like u already sent it once” so I was saying MY BAD!! and to say thank u 4 what u are doin by letin peps know what’s goin on!

  8. I came across your page by looking for more info.on a few houses that Seph Lawless has posted.While looking I also checked out his Facebook page,which I found interesting because nobody there seems to question his info.on things.Like the photo of Six Flags in New Orleans someone had said they thought he was going to be torn down & he answer he wasn’t sure but it was a well guarded place.I live about 45mins.from New Orleans and have never heard talk of it being tore down I know some want to rebuild it & others want to have it taken down to build something else there.He came here on a assignment for the 10yr anniversary of hurricane Katrina,I belive it’d be more logical to be down here for the 10yr anniversary to take the pics then. He has on his Facebook a new story a news station local to him did about he new book about an abandon pet cemetery in New Orleans,he just happened to come across.In the new story there is an interview with him I couldn’t help but laugh at. At one point he is talking about the headstones and how you can tell the pets were loved because there was 30yr old dog food on 1 of the headstones then they show a picture and that is NOT dog food anyone who has ever been outside in the country or even around a rabbit will know that it is in fact rabbit poop.This place really isn’t as abandon as he says there is a story on it from 2012 from a New Orleans reporter that did a story on it & how the caretaker of the property was arrested for killing the owner,in 1985 & he was finally charged in 2012.It’s not hard to find abandon places like that down here because all you have to do is ask the right person & they will point you in the right direction or you cane even look them up online πŸ™‚ I think he is adding his own little twist to things to get noticed more & sell more books.Oh & he pick the right time to decide to look in to hurricane Katrina because it is(was) Mardi Gras time down here,he might have just used the hurricane as an excuse to come to Mardi Gras.

  9. stephen owens said:

    I need someone to contact me, my whole trailer community is having the same experience with alot of knocking, voices, footsteps, hair pulling, pinching, things moving. And the shadow people who dont care if you see them. I live across the street from picketts mill battlefeild.

  10. dealey plaza productions said:

    Our company is filming a new documentary and we’re looking for individuals or groups to appear on the show. If you are interested e-mail for details. Check it out.

  11. HollyDolly said:

    I looked up the Hooley mansion. In fact the subject came up on the board for the Houston Architects Society. Anyhow, they have no information on the place.
    It it is in Houston,, the name may have been changed for legal reasons to Hooley,a fictious name. Or the location is not even Houston according to them.The house does appear to be real,but the story phony.
    Sure as heck wouldn’t pay someone $99.00 for the book. It is a shame though with some of these houses that they have gone to rack and ruin.

  12. The Nova House, burned down last night. The cause hasn’t been found.

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