Archer Paranormal Investigations (API)

Archer Paranormal Investigations (API) was once real. Two lawyers joined together to investigate, research, try out new equipment. It went well, for a few years. One lawyer left; some other people joined. Ultimately, API closed up shop. The two lawyers still practice law, though.

Co-founder Lesia Miller Schnur became the sole owner of API. She has converted the site into a fictional tale of a mostly made up team that may or may not be based on real events. You’ll have to read and to catch up with Lesia to inquire.

The story is slowly unraveling as the backstory fills in. Traditionally, the backstory comes later in a novel; however, here it is required for establishing the town and the main characters. Once the mock-up is settled, the stories will emerge–not in chronological order, but an order that best fits these novellas. Check out the site (it’s still in development) at

Happy Reading.