Marthasville–Yeah, I’m a Screenwriter, too


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Marthasville—Yeah, I’m a Screenwriter, too

My writing career has taken many paths. In addition to writing blogs and legal motions, I write screenplays. Actually, my undergraduate degree is in Cinematography, back when we hiked across campus with our Super 8 cameras and spent our evenings in the audio booth splicing double tracks hoping to God they aligned with the video, which was shipped to Seattle for development. The days before video cameras and smartphones and computer software editing programs. And way before screenwriting software. (I now see retro typewriters are having a revival) Screenwriting was placed on the back-burner as I focused on other pursuits and mixed media art. Now, it, too, is having a revival. I have partnered with playwright Duane Willoughby to write horror movies.

Our first screenplay is tentatively titled Marthasville. I combines what we know best: comedy (Duane) and the paranormal (me). A family is brutally murdered in the late 60s. The small Georgia town is torn apart. Fifty years later the secret is released onto the town.

That’s all I can divulge at the moment. Watch this space for updates.

Is Pet Sematary Getting a Reboot?


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Is Pet Sematary Getting a Reboot?

Talk has circulated since 2015 of a possible reboot to the cult-classic Pet Sematary (1989). The original generated $57 million in US ticket sales with another $26.4 million in rentals. It was profitable; however, some felt the adaptation of Stephen King’s novel lacked horror luster. Enter Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.

Fresnadillo co-wrote and directed 28 Days Later (2007), a horror/sci-fi hybrid. He was attached to the reboot in 2015 and remained with the project until 2017. Reports of character casting spread in 2016, with the hopes of getting “the best of the best.” However, does not even list a reboot/sequel/adaptation. Therefore, fans were on hold thinking that the project has been shelved … until last week.


Buzz about a reboot began last week. New Line Cinemas is releasing It (2017), another insanely popular Stephen King adaptation, on September 8th. Director Andrés (Andy) Muschietti is finalizing the first installment and is committed to the sequel, set to begin production in 2018. However, he has been dropping large hints—huge hints—that he would love to tackle Pet Sematary. His selling point: “We are true fans of [Stephen King’s] work.” Cross your fingers and your toes, Pet Sematary may get an upgrade. Stay tuned.

Pet Sematary House for Sale


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Pet Sematary House for Sale

Although Stephen King has not lived in the house located at 664 River Road, Orrington, Maine, since 1979, the house plays a large role in the horror genre. King rented the house while he was a writer-in-residence at the University of Maine—Orono. The house sits along a busy highway, a negative for selling; however, it inspired one of King’s most popular novels Pet Sematary.

The 4 bedroom/3 bathroom house sits on 3 acres. Built in 1904 it features hardwood floors, custom built-in shelving, two fireplaces, and a spacious sunroom. It’s listed at $255,000.

King’s daughter, Naomi, had a cat named Smucky who was killed by a truck. The family buried the cat in the pet cemetery that borders the rear of the property. Inspiration struck and King began writing his book. The novel debuted in 1983 and became a best-seller. It was adapted to a film in 1989. The production budget was $11.5 million. Combined movie ticket and DVD sales total more than $83 million. It spawned a sequel.

Although the film was shot in Maine, a different house was used. King often states this is the book that scares him the most. Luckily, he does not remember the house as sinister or evil. Actually, he barely remembers the house…only the busy highway.

Log on to to view pictures. Hopefully, one of you purchases the property. It would make a fantastic bed and breakfast.


Beware the #ParaScammer




Beware the #ParaScammers

The Haunted Librarian coined the term ParaScammers. These are people who either take advantage of people in the paranormal community or they are people who fake special talents in order to profit. The list grows annually. She will discuss famous and well-known cases and possibly some that may surprise the audience. In addition, she will discuss how she protects herself from scammers and offers suggestions for others.

Tentatively scheduled for Friday, September 1st at 9 PM. Purchase tickets online at

Importance of Research


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Importance of Research

The Haunted Librarian joins Heather Dobson and Jordan T. Duncan of Paranormal Georgia Investigations ( and author Larry Flaxman ( at Dragon Con 2017 as they discuss the importance of conducting research before, during, and after a paranormal investigation.

Tentatively scheduled for Sunday, September 3rd at 4 PM. Purchase tickets online at

The Dark Tower Opens Friday, August 4th


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The Dark Tower Opens Friday, August 4th

Stephen King’s highly anticipated The Dark Tower series opens Friday, August 4th. Produced for a reported $60 million dollars, the fantasy/adventure motion picture stars Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey. Critics were expecting a film following the first book The Gunslinger; however, Mr. King dropped hints in a tweet suggesting that this version may incorporate elements from other books in the series. Friday night his fans find out what he means.

The Dark Tower (2017) is rated PG-13 and runs 1 hour and 35 minutes.

Zombie Icon George Romero Has Died


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Zombie Icon George Romero Has Died

George Romero turned zombies into box office magic in 1968 with his Night of the Living Dead. Mr. Romero succumbed to complications from lung cancer on Sunday, July 16, 2017. He was 77 years old. He loved attending horror conventions, and his fans adored him. He will be missed.


Check out some of the in-depth tributes from these publications:,amp.html

#18 on Top 50 Paranormal Blog & Websites for Paranormal Investigators


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#18 on Top 50 Paranormal Blog & Websites for Paranormal Investigators

It’s nice to be recognized! Last week I was honored to receive an email from Anuj Agarwal informing me that I was listed on his “Top 50 Paranormal Blogs and Websites for Paranormal Investigators” at I’m at #18!

I’m thrilled at being listed amongst other paranormal bloggers like Week in Weird (#1 spot) who enjoy sharing stories, news, and everything paranormal. The listings vary from international ghost hunters to publishers in the specific genres. I’ve even found some new folks to follow. Check out the list!



John Bernecker, Stuntman on The Walking Dead, Has Died


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John Bernecker, Stuntman on The Walking Dead, Has Died

News traveled quickly that veteran stuntman John Bernecker, age 33, died from blunt-force trauma following a fall on the Senoia, Georgia Raleigh Studios’ set of The Walking Dead.

Bernecker was practicing a fight scene on a high rise balcony when he lost his footing and fell over 25 feet. He was placed on a ventilator until family could arrive at the Atlanta Medical Center. He died Wednesday, July 12, 2017.

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Atlanta office has opened an investigation. Production on the popular zombie series has been temporarily halted.