Urban exploration has become a popular recreational activity where people explore abandoned manmade structures. There are many considerations for such activity; visit the various websites for FAQs and safety tips. One popular group in Britain is lead by Danial Sims, known online as “Bearded Reality.” His group may have caught disembodied footsteps in one of the current adventures.

William Rigby resided near Lancashire, England. When he died, his house became abandoned and a prime location for exploration. It has been abandoned over 20 years! The house is a time capsule holding many family photographs and memorabilia. A staged photograph shows Rigby’s National Fire Service uniform dated to the 1960s. An unverified rumor is that William died in the home, which has also been ransacked and used to shelter people over the years.

Sims captures my feeling when watching the video: “It’s a proper pity” that the memorabilia was left behind.

When watching the video, pay close attention at the 10:18 mark. Here, you will see Sims stop and ask about the noise. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STq6-HQEZkE.

A lot of evidence is unintentionally recorded. That’s why it is important to analyze photographs, video, and audio. You never know what you have captured!