Block 66, Eclectic Style. Original Six Acres

Block 66, Eclectic Style.
Original Six Acres

Atlanta’s oldest public cemetery is a fine example of a rural garden cemetery. This is the final resting place for over 70,000 people. The 48 acre cemetery boasts mausoleums, monuments, gardens, and simple tombstones. This week’s blog will highlight some of the more well-known plots.

Upon entering the grounds are the original 6 acres. To the right in Block 66 sits the Jasper Newton Smith Mausoleum. Mr. Smith (d. 1913) never wore neckties. Why should he? He was a building contractor and brickworks owner. The original depiction had a tie chiseled upon his person. When Mr. Smith saw this, he immediately asked that it be removed. Mr. Smith has been dubbed the “Mayor of Oakland, and he watches the activity of the cemetery.