Alfred Austell Block 374, Gothic Revival

Alfred Austell
Block 374, Gothic Revival

Brigadier General Alfred Austell’s $16,000 Mausoleum

Alfred Austell (1814-1881) was born near Danbridge, Tennessee on January 14, 1814. In 1836 he moved to Campbellton, Georgia. In 1853 he married Francina Cameron (1833-1917) of LaGrange, Georgia. By 1858 the Austells relocated to Atlanta where Alfred quickly established himself in the railroad and banking businesses.

During the Civil War, he rose up through the Confederate ranks becoming a Brigadier General of the Georgia State Militia. However, Alfred was always a cunning businessman. When the Confederate Army abandoned Atlanta, Alfred rode with then Atlanta mayor James Cameron and seven others to wave the white flag of surrender. Although Alfred’s businesses were devastated after the Civil War, he rebuilt his business empire. The Atlanta Constitution stated that he was one of the wealthiest Georgians at the time of his death. The city of Austell, Georgia was named in his honor. The Austell Mausoleum cost $16,000 when it was built and was the most expensive structure erected in Oakland at the time.