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The Lion of Atlanta Confederate Section

The Lion of Atlanta
Confederate Section

The Confederate Section at the Oakland Cemetery is the principal place in Atlanta for mourning and memorialization of the soldiers who fought in the war. The remains of soldiers came predominately from battles in Peachtree Creek, East Atlanta, Ezra Church, Chickamauga, Lookout Mountain, and Missionary Ridge.

Brigadier General Clement Anslam Evans
Block K-9

Clement Evans was born on February 25, 1833, near Lumpkin in Stewart, County, Georgia. He attended Augusta Law School and passed the Georgia State Bar at the age of 18. By the time he turned 21, Evans was a county judge. At 25, Evans was a State Senator affiliated with the Know-Nothing Party. When the Civil War broke out, Evans resigned from the legislature.

Evans organized a militia in 1860 and quickly climbed through the ranks. He was promoted to Brigadier General in May 1864. He was wounded five times during the war. After the war was over, Evans found his true calling as a preacher with the Methodist Church.

Evans married his first wife, Mary Allen “Allie” Walton, in 1854. They had eight children; however, three died in infancy. He would marry his second wife, Sarah Avary Evans in 1887 (see previous post).

General Evans had a full life where he was a politician, officer, author, historian, and finally a minister. His funeral procession was one of the largest held at that time. In honor of his service to the State of Georgia, the legislature created Evans County in 1914.

As you may know, General Evans does not rest beside his wife but is among the other Confederate Generals within Oakland.