Bobby Jones Child Square; Block 518

Bobby Jones
Child Square; Block 518

The origin of the name “Child Square” is unknown. Researchers think it may be related to graves of orphans. However, there are few children in this section.

Buried in this section is the legendary Robert Tyre Jones, Jr. Otherwise known as “Bobby Jones.” Bobby was born to Clara Thomas and Robert Purmedus Jones, a lawyer, on March 17, 1902. Later on he added the “Junior” to his name to honor his father. After trying several different sports, Bobby settled on golf and became a teen phenomenon. At the age of 28, Bobby won the Grand Slam (1930). He immediately retired to enter the legal profession. Having studied at Georgia Tech and Harvard, Bobby studied law at Emory University.

In 1924, Bobby married his high school sweetheart, Mary Rice Malone. They had three children: Robert Tyre Jones, III, Clara Jones, and Mary Ellen Jones.

Upon retiring, Bobby designed the Augusta National Golf Club and co-founded the Masters Tournament, which has been played in August every year since its inception save one (cancelled because of the war).

Bobby died on December 18, 1971. Golfers leave golf balls at the foot of his tomb as a token of their appreciation.