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Rev. TE Nash Nash Farm, Henry County

Rev. TE Nash
Nash Farm, Henry County

Thompson Edward “T.E.” Nash was born on September 20, 1811 in Laurensville, South Carolina. In 1858, T.E. purchased the Nash Farm from his brother Elihu Nash. T.E. was appointed postmaster of Fosterville and was a minister, contributing the land for the County Line Methodist Church. Although T.E. did not fight in the Civil War, his property was one of the largest campsites in Georgia. According to the Nash Farm Battlefield Website, the property was probably abandoned during that time.

The main house was built prior to the 1920 date recorded in the county property records. It has been preserved and converted into the museum.

Investigation: On two separate occasions, the Ghost Radar indicated “red” activity in this area. On one occasion, the Spirit Voice box repeated the word “Hi.” One was a female voice.

Observations: During both trips to the farm, a “green” light attached to us and remained with us the entire time. We picked up a lot of words. Most notable were the words: north, choice, condition, supply, march, differ, parts, equally, saved, bone, victory, fell, death, and October.

We plan to revisit the farm in the near future.

Nash Farm Museum

Nash Farm Museum