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Established as a parish in 1720.

Established as a parish in 1720.

St. Louis Cathedral

Tucked between the Presbytere and the Cabildo, the St. Louis Cathedral overlooks Jackson Square. And it truly is the heart of Old New Orleans.

History: This church was established as a parish in 1720. Starting in 1727, parishioners have celebrated life and death here. Originally built in the construction style of “brick between posts” (briquete entre poteaux), the church stood for 60 years before a fire consumed the main building in 1788. A second church was built and opened in December, 1794.

Observations: We visited the cathedral several times during this trip. Often compared (unfairly I would add) to its European counterparts, the St. Louis Cathedral beckons to an earlier time. Let’s face it: This church is old. The last major renovation was in 1849. However, it is stunning. Upon entering the church, visitors are welcomed by a serene calm. And the feeling is more powerful at night. Although we did not detect any paranormal activities within the building, there was activity outside. Stay tuned for the next installment.