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Lafayette Cemetery

The Virgin Mary greets you at the cemetery.

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1

The Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 is located in the heart of the Garden District in New Orleans. It is the oldest of the seven municipal cemeteries within the city and is named for the City of Lafayette, an area annexed into New Orleans, and has a park appearance. The above-ground tombs date back to the early 1800s. The diversity of the past is reflected in the names and languages engraved on the tombs. A wall monument holds almost 500 remains; however, there are few engraved plaques erected. More than 7,000 individuals within 1,100 family tombs are interred here. Society tombs consist of Hook and Ladder Companies, Poydras Orphans Home, the YMCA, and others. There are a lot of “Woodmen of the World” monuments here—more than I’ve ever encountered in one place. Author Anne Rice included the cemetery in several of her books. A number of the vaults are undergoing much needed repair and conservation. The cemetery is usually closed on Sundays.

Observations: Although the cemetery is closed on Sundays, we were able to enter. I personally feel that Sundays are the best day to stroll a cemetery. It is peaceful. I was greeted by a statue of the Virgin Mary—a good sign. Quite a few vaults are in need of conservation. The cemetery has a park-like feel, and even though the vaults are above-ground, the cemetery is tranquil. I received a few blips on my Ghost Radar and few words. I don’t think many spirits linger here but may stop in to see who is visiting.

Lafayette Cross

Cross in the Lafayette Cemetery.

Lafayette Landscaping

Landscaping in the Lafayette Cemetery.

Hook and Ladder Company Tomb

The tomb for one of the several Hook and Ladder Companies in Lafayette.