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Ghost Lesia

Lesia as a Ghost

Faking Evidence

API’s co-founder Jennifer Spear wrote an excellent blog entitled “Faking It.” It discusses the pitfalls of paranormal investigators who fake or alter evidence to bolster their claims. Check it out at http://www.archer-pi.com.

This picture is a great example of how one harmless image could ignite a huge controversy. I am the person wearing the black rain coat. I am standing in front of a client. I was not moving; however, you can see the lights from the Ovilus III shifting. Jennifer was taking the picture. Somehow she must have been moving her arm when she took this digital picture. There are no mirrors in this room. I don’t know how my figure became transparent and the viewer can see through me. The client’s image is unmistakable. This is a strange photographic anomaly. I would love to have some feedback about it.