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Supposed "Portal to Hell" House

Supposed “Portal to Hell” House

“Portal to Hell’s” New Owner: Zak Bagans

Granted I’m a tad tardy to the discussion, but I’ve decided to jump into to fray. Ghost Adventurer’s Lead Investigator Zak Bagans has purchased the “haunted” house on Carolina Street in Gary, Indiana. He paid $35,000 for the “modest” property. Bagans is quoted as saying: “I really [have] a passion for this stuff… .” This smacks as a publicity stunt!

Charles Reed, the former owner, sold the property days after a local newspaper published a story whereby calling the house the “Portal to Hell.” Former renter Latoya Ammons, along with her three children and mother, moved into the house in 2011. During the following year, Ms. Ammons claims that one child levitated over a bed, another child walked backwards up a wall, ominous footsteps were heard, and the animal elicited strange behavior. Catholic priest Rev. Michael Maginot exorcised Ms. Ammons no less than three (3) times—a reported first for the Diocese of Gary. Gary Police Captain Charles Austin concurs with Ms. Ammons and believes this story will ultimately make the perfect movie. A social worker and “family” nurse witnessed the child crawling up the wall. According to eyewitness testimony, the house is “infested with ghosts and demons.” An eight hundred plus (800+) report was compiled; a news article was published; and the media went into an absolute frenzy. Frenzy, I say!

Enter Mr. Bagans. The self-professed skeptic turned ghost hunter swooped in and purchased the home four (4) days after the story broke. He states he will reside in the home, conduct research, and record the activity—not “any” activity but “the” activity. It is unclear whether any of the “evidence” will appear on his current show or if this is new fodder for a new show. I believe it is for the later. However, the current “evidence” seems to be falling apart.

Mr. Reed, the former landlord, states that there has never been an instance of supernatural occurrences in the thirty years he has owned the property. Further, Mr. Reed claims that the activity began when Ms. Ammons moved in. The Internet domain name www.portaltohell.com was secured prior to Ms. Ammons moving in.

If the stories are true, Mr. Bagans is over his head. No hard feelings, Zak! But he is unable to handle this situation. He does not possess the credentials to adequately conduct a proper investigation. Mr. Bagans’ is not a demonologist. He isn’t affiliated with any religious organization, nor has he performed any exorcisms. Finally, he enjoys provoking spirits. That will not bode well here. To quote Zak: “People could die!” Well, duh. That’s what makes it great TV fodder. And the Father has signed a movie deal—with Mr. Bagans.

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Zak Bagans, Lead Investigator, Ghost Adventurers

Zak Bagans, Lead Investigator, Ghost Adventurers