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Billy Bob Thorton Buys Haunted House

Billy Bob Thorton recently purchased this house in Moorehead, ND.

Buying a “Haunted House”: A New Trend

Billy Bob Thorton has joined the ranks of Zak Bagans by purchasing a purported “haunted” house. Seems to be the new trend. Well, “Hell’s bells.”

Ghost Adventurer’s Zak Bagans purchased the supposed “Portal to Hell” located in Gary, Indiana last month. Reportedly, he plans to live—and to film—all the demonic activity. At a bargain price of $35,000, the house remained silent until the former tenant moved in with her three young children. She moved out after three, possibly four, exorcisms failed to remove the evil being. Although the “evidence” seems to be crumbling, Bagans is determined to go through with his plan.

Now Billy Bob Thorton, self-professed “southern-trailerpark-redneck” has found his next house. Mr. Thorton has secured the leading role in the new TV series Fargo and was searching for a “unique” home in the area. Located in the City of Moorehead, the house has a long and dubious history. Local legend has it that an elderly woman and her dog were found frozen on the front porch after her electricity was turned off. Doors open mysteriously, crows hover nearby, and smoke detectors go off. The best is that cell phones don’t work properly while inside. An image of the old lady is displayed with the message: Can’t call 9-1-1. Try calling 6-6-6.”

The eccentric Mr. Thorton snapped up the house. Apparently it fits his sense of spirit.

Is this a growing trend? Apparently not. According to the 2013 Realtor.com report “Haunted Housing Report,” sixty-two percent (62%) of the respondents stated that they would consider living in a haunted house. Thirty-five percent (35%) claimed to have lived in one. Wow! (No small wonder Archer PI is swamped!) Looking and buying are two completely different things, however. Remember A Haunting in Connecticut? Buyer Beware!

Haunted Houses For Sale

Haunted Houses For Sale