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Cima da Conegliano, God the Father

Cima da Conegliano, God the Father

Brief Interlude—The Importance of God

Before posting Part 2 on the Ouija Board, I wanted to take a brief interlude. An “interlude” is anything that fills time between two events. Most, if not all, paranormal investigators steer clear of Ouija Boards. Nothing good comes with their play. However, some of our clients do dabble with the game—even if they adamantly deny it. Bad things come out with the board. And only a strong firm belief in the Lord combats the evil.

All ghost hunters need to have a firm belief in God. It is a necessity for the job. I am always cautious of people who believe in the Devil but who aren’t “religious.” You cannot have the Devil without the Lord. The universe is a balance between good and evil, light and dark, and God versus the Devil. It doesn’t matter if you regularly attend church, you must believe that God is the Supreme Being. The End.

But what should you be doing? You should be praying to talk with God AND meditating to hear His instructions. Prayer + Meditation = God’s instructions. The angels who look after you are directly linked to God. You don’t have to memorize the Bible. You don’t have to quote scripture. But you must believe!