Ouija Board

Ouija Board

The Wonderful Talking Board, Part 2

The “Talking Board” was patented under the Toy/Game Section. Kennard Novelty Company brought a medium to the Patent Office in order to demonstrate. And the Ouija Board performed. Patent granted. And the Ouija Board became a multi-million dollar seller. But in 1973 the Ouija Board’s reputation turned forever.

The Exorcist brought the true essence of the board to the attention of international movie-goers. Religious bodies worldwide took notice and began cautioning parishioners about its use. But does it really work? No. Spoiler: A spirit does not communicate via the board.

Researchers claim the board works via the “Ideomotor Effect.” Simply put, the participants’ subconscious movements cause the planchette to move. Participants’ expectations are the driving force at play. Further, the participants are the ones who respond not a spirit. While perusing the Internet for information, I found an interesting article with the “Rule of Play” for the Ouija Board. Even though I am ardent about its disuse, I believe a short primer for those who ignore the warning is in order. According to RelativelyIntersting.com (http://www.relativelyinteresting.com/do-ouija-boards-really-work-spoiler-alert-they-dont/), the Rules are:

  1. Ouija Board Rule #1
    Never play with the Ouija board alone.
  2. Ouija Board Rule #2
    Do not allow the planchette to count down through the numbers or backwards through the alphabet.
  3. Ouija Board Rule #3
    Always place a silver object upon the Ouija board before playing.
  4. Ouija Board Rule #4
    Never, ever mention “God,” as it is believed that entities contacted through the Ouija Board are generally “evil” in nature.
  5. Ouija Board Rule #5
    When you are done playing, say “goodbye.”

Please visit the above-referenced link for explanations. They are quite candid. The Ouija Board can act as a portal or opening for lingering spirits to come through. If they do, their intentions are BAD. So while the spirit is not communicating by moving the planchette, the spirit may be waiting for user error in order to do its business once the board is put away.

Listen to the Archer Paranormal Radio episode where the API gals discuss the Ouija Board. It is educational, enlightening, and highly entertaining.