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Haunted Poveglia Island Up for Auction

Haunted Poveglia Island Up for Auction


For Sale (Actually Lease): Poveglia Island—Ghosts Included

Seventeen prime acres of island property are up for sale in Italy—complete with ghostly hauntings. Poveglia is Italy’s most haunted island, and if you have millions of dollars sitting idly by you can be its new owner.

The island is public property owned by the Italian government. The sale is an effort to reduce the country’s public debt. In the 18th century deceased plague victims were dumped on the grounds. In 1922, a doctor conducted lobotomies on mental patients using crude tools. The mental hospital closed in 1968 amid rampant rumors of abuse. The island is reportedly haunted by tens of thousands of distressed spirits. The most notable ghost is that of plague victim Little Maria. Although the island’s access is restricted, paranormal investigators have conducted investigations on the island.

Several buildings remain on the main island including a hospital, church, bell tower turned lighthouse, prison, and administration buildings. A canal divides the main smaller island with a larger, mostly undeveloped island. The third island has some remains of a fort. Plague pits are scattered there as well. An estimated 10,000 people died on the island throughout its illustrious history. That alone should caution any potential buyer.

Italy isn’t really selling the island. Instead, it is offering a 99-year lease of the property with a starting bid of 350,000 euros (approximately $490,000 US). Not a wise investment decision!

However, it begs the question as to whether anyone would purchase the island. Personally, I would not. This location is steeped in possible paranormal drama. It’s a literal quagmire. There is simply too much going on. Although I would purchase an historic property, even with the possibility of hauntings, this island is out of the question. Some places are not meant to be owned but to be admired. From far, far away. But, if anyone asks me to investigate, I am all in!