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Official Vatican City Exorcist

Father Gabriele Amorth, Official Exorcist of Vatican City.


Wanted: Actual Exorcist, not Mere Investigator

Interest in the paranormal has surged over the past few years. Reality TV shows propelled this popularity causing some viewers to take up arms and to start hunting ghosts. Most acquired a proper education supplemented with field study before consulting clients in the paranormal. But a small percentage did not. This faction gave themselves elusive titles like “Exorcist Investigator.” And that, my friend, is dangerous!

Televised “exorcisms” conducted on paranormal reality shows generate ratings. Ratings + Advertising Dollars = Series Renewals. That is ultimately the goal of all TV personalities. (Note: Legitimate TV ghost hunters do not perform exorcisms, or voodoo rituals for that matter.) All reality TV shows are 1) scripted and 2) edited for high-impact content. (See formula for explanation.) Never is unedited or uncut video footage aired. Therefore, even if you watch a televised “exorcism,” you did not see everything.

Reading books does not qualify you to perform the Solemn Rite. Nor does hosting a TV show. Exorcisms can only be conducted by validly ordained clergy with permission from the church. The key word is “clergy.” You must be a member of the cloth. Priest, Reverend, Pastor. These titles are conferred upon someone who has a firm belief in God and has been trained in His word. In addition, clergy possess field experience in exorcisms. They did more than read a book. And they never practiced alone.

A full-blown Catholic Exorcism takes hours to complete. The Catholic Church does not publish statistics; however, it is believed that less than ten (10) occur annually. Exorcisms are more prevalent in the Pentecostal faith, where several hundreds of “exorcism ministries” are active. These rituals are much shorter and less elaborate. Exorcisms can go terribly wrong. Quickly.

Amateur exorcisms have made the headlines in recent years. A woman was pummeled to death (1995). Another was stomped to death (1997). And still another suffocated with a plastic bag (1998). Actual demonic possession is quite rare. However, it should not be taken lightly. If you suspect someone is under the Devil’s influence, refer the case. Don’t cue up the TV for guidance. This is beyond most of us. Consult fully trained people. If you’re not fully qualified, then you should never attempt!