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Weird or What? with William Shatner

Weird or What? with William Shatner

The Shat is Back!

I adore William Shatner. It’s true. I grew up watching Star Trek re-runs when you could only get 3—yes, 3—TV channels. Shatner has been able to parley the role of Captain James T. Kirk into an enduring career. Not bad for the 80-year-old pitchman. He is a fixture in the paranormal community. And he deserves every bit of kudos he can muster. Shatner’s TV show Weird or What? is a hoot, just like him.

Weird or What? airs on the National Geographic Channel. It delves into “mysteries and strange phenomena.” It also allows Shatner to interject his pithy humor. The episodes vary and run a full gamut of subject-matter. The API (Archer Paranormal Investigations) gals discussed one of the topics on our weekly radio show, Archer Paranormal Radio. The case involved the mysterious disappearance of three fishermen off the Australian coast in 2007. While the final determination is unknown, several theories have been bandied about: 1) They all fell overboard; 2) A giant squid attacked them; and 3) A USO (unidentified sea object) abducted them. This is good television, my friend!

This case is fascinating. The catamaran Kaz II was found drifting 5 days after the party set sail. All were experienced sailors. When officials boarded the boat, nothing seemed amiss—except the missing crew. I don’t think a giant squid attacked them. There would be noticeable signs on the boat. Nor do I believe in USOs. I do, however, believe that a UFO can submerge like a submarine. But a USO? Pass. So what really happened? I don’t think anyone will know. That is unless they pop up out of the blue like Travis Walton. Unfortunately, I think all three men are lost to the sea. But, thanks to Shatner’s show, I learned something: People love to make up their own acronyms. And Shatner ROCKS!