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ChemTrail Conspiracy Theory

ChemTrails: Now That’s Just Crazy Talk

The API (Archer Paranormal Investigations) Gals discussed ChemTrails recently on Archer Paranormal Radio, broadcasting every Thursday at 7 pm EST on www.liveparanormal.com. When 2L suggested the story, I had no idea what she was talking about. When I googled it, I thought: Really? People really believe this? But, I’ve been left speechless before.

ChemTrails are the white chemical trails following an airplane. Scientists and government officials claim that these white lines are merely ConTrails, condensation trails. Conspiracy theorists claim these trails signify chemical or biological warfare causing respiratory disease. The theory started in 1995 when late-night talk show host Art Bell promulgated the theory. Believers hung their hat on one piece of evidence: The trails lasted longer in the sky than previous trails.

Unfortunately, contrails existed long before 1995. They form at certain altitudes and atmospheric conditions. Basically, they may form or they may not. It all depends on a number of factors.

I find the argument for their existence tenuous at best. There are more efficient ways to chemically infiltrate a population. I highly doubt that a major airline corporation would willingly participate in a plan to kill off their clients. Corporations = Revenue. Airlines rely on paying passengers to increase revenue.

Now some readers may counter that the airlines are not willing participants. Okay. Why wouldn’t the government just use their own planes? They have plenty of them. Again, contrails are not always created. They dissipate at different rates of speed. They are unpredictable. Why would a government utilize an unpredictable form of chemical warfare when so many other reliable forms exist? They wouldn’t. And they don’t.

I’m really writing this blog because one of my favorite meteorologists, Paul Dellegatto, posted a hilarious ChemTrail photo on his official Facebook page. It was serendipitous since I was discussing this the previous night. Serendipity. Now that’s real.