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Chicago Tribune 11_04_1906-pg-2

Chicago Tribune 11_04_1906-pg-2

Ghosts Wear Clothing—So Should You

It’s a pet peeve. I don’t want to see shirtless middle-aged men mowing their yards—especially in my neighborhood. It’s disgusting. It’s the beacon: Middle Age Crisis Alert. Dude, you don’t look cool, sexy, or attractive. You look desperate. Put a shirt on!

This train of thought was spontaneously followed by the revelation: Ghosts wear clothing. Consider that for a minute. They do. And for good reason. I’ve never read an account where the ghost was naked. That’s because no one wants to see that.

Ghosts appear in the fashion of their time. That provides a valuable key to the observer in attempting to solve the mystery. Without clothing, the ghosts cannot visually represent their story. And paranormal investigators need all of the clues we can get. Clothing is a freebie. I love it when a client can discern specific pieces of apparel. The lace floor-length nightgown is indicative to a time past. The high collars. The wide hoop skirt. Given that most of our investigations involve Civil War era hauntings, the color and type of uniform helps.

Pay attention and ask about the clothing. You will be surprised how easy it is to research and to narrow your focus. Plus, it’s fun searching the Internet for period clothing and learning the history. Remember: Historical research is critical in all investigations.