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Susan Sarandon Melissa McCarthy

Susan Sarandon and Melissa McCarthy from Tammy

The API Gals had a cancellation. Deciding on a change of pace, Jenn, 1L, and 2L opted to screen Melissa McCarthy’s new movie Tammy. Although not a horror or paranormal themed movie, it still cast light on people’s behaviors. Out of her last three movies (Identity Thief, Heat, and Tammy), Tammy was by far the most entertaining. It was packed with some of the best comedians working in the industry today. Gratuitous in-your-face sex screens were minimized as was the excessive profanity usually spewing from the star’s mouth.

Susan Sarandon’s role as main character Tammy’s grandmother was a feat of suspended belief. In real life they are only 24 years apart. If Tippi Hedron and Jessica Tandy could accomplish it in The Birds (1963), why not Sarandon? The wardrobe department must have had a field day locating the stereotypical fashion favorites of women approaching 80. The clothing was spot-on.

Earlier reviews claim that McCarthy “saved” the movie. I disagree. Saradon’s performance was stellar—not Oscar worthy, but this isn’t an Oscar-burdened film. Dan Aykroyd’s part was too small; however, he left a lasting impression. Kathy Bates and Sandra Oh shined. Allison Janney seemed too calm, though. I missed the peppery delivery from prior films. Ultimately the comedic chemistry between McCarthy and real-life husband Ben Falcone set the tone and made the audience wonder if they truly are a “Hollywood” couple. They’re just so darn adorable! Let me assure you. Not only are they a popular couple, they are a refreshing change from the other so-called Hollywood couples. They’re almost the anti-Hollywood couple. They only appear for comedic tension, never as lovers. That will carry them farther than most modern screen couples. Audiences dig them. They’re the American couple!

Go see this movie.