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UF Rain Delay

UF Rain Delay

Cancellations Blow

Client cancellations are inevitable. For the Labor Day weekend API (Archer Paranormal Investigations, www.archer-pi.com), suffered not one, not two, but three cancellations.

Originally the API Gals were heading to Dalton, Georgia as special guests on the Haunted Dalton Tour. Scheduling challenges occurred, and the tour was re-scheduled for this Saturday, September 6th. Check out https://www.facebook.com/HauntedDaltonGeorgia for more information.

API scheduled a huge—and I mean huge—investigation complete with drone footage and the latest tools and cameras. This was big. Lots of activity. Great history. Gorgeous plantation house. Unfortunately the client was injured in a car accident and had to postpone.

API quickly lined up another investigation at a residence south of Atlanta. Again. Another cancellation.

Holiday weekends seem ideal for investigations. For a paranormal team it provides another recovery day. Investigation hangovers blow. However, homeowners rarely think it through and often cancel because they want to enjoy the holiday. Alone. Or out of town. Scheduling residential investigations over a holiday weekend doesn’t make sense. Instead, paranormal teams should only schedule business locations over three day weekends.

Cancellations happen. I understand. I take them as signs that I’ll collect better evidence next time. So I spent my Saturday trolling TV for college football games waiting for the UF kick-off at 7 pm. Of course, there’s a rain delay. After three hours, I got another cancellation. Ugh!