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Chris Dedman

Chris Dedman

Chris Dedman: Called for a Higher Purpose

Speaking to a standing room only audience at Scarefest 2014, Chris Dedman announced his intention to study under Bishop James Long and to become a full-fledged Demonologist. Upon completion, Dedman will join the ranks of John Zaffis and Stacey Jones. Dedman cautioned: Do not enter this field of study lightly.

Dedman’s session titled “Demons & Possession” consisted of definitions and insights based on his grounded Catholic beliefs. Dedman warned of the thrill seekers who watch TV and rush out to Walmart, “the world’s largest ghost hunting store.” He emphasized not to provoke a potential demon. [Note: Something I constantly profess to deaf media personalities.]

Three Chilling Cases

Included in the presentation was an authenticated audio clip from the infamous Anneliese Michel possession case. In the clip, you can hear the afflicted young adult spouting off in Latin; the intensity and enormity of the demonic possession is quite evident. It is haunting.

Anneliese Micel

Anneliese Micel

Anneliese Michel (9.21.1952-7.1.1976) was a devout Roman Catholic German high school student when she began to suffer epileptic seizures at the age of 16. She was prescribed medication; however, she began hearing voices soon after. So began the possession of Anneliese. She, her parents, and two local priests believed that she was possessed by a demon. At the age of 23, she withstood 67 exorcisms over a 10 month period. During that time, her behavior became more erratic and bizarre and her health rapidly declined. She died weighing 68 pounds and with both knees broken from continual genuflecting. Her parents and the priests were charged with negligent homicide (topic for another blog). The possession of Anneliese is the topic of three movies and thousands of Internet postings.

The second case was from February 2008 and profiled on the popular paranormal series Paranormal State. “I am Six” was an unsettling case for all involved. Over 10 paranormal teams abandoned this case. Dedman reinforced the idea that teams who find themselves over their heads should call in help.

“I am Six” is a hot, debatable topic on the Internet. The case involved the supposed possession of Laura, a young woman from Quincy, Illinois. The “demon” called himself “Six.” Hence the title. Dedman met Chip Coffey on this case. Contrary to skeptical Internet criticism, Coffey did not travel with the crew and did not know anything about the case prior to his walk-through. Dedman’s lesson in this instance: Call in help. This was not a discussion about the merits of the case, Ryan Buell, or the TV show Paranormal State. [Note: When researching this topic, I was dismayed by the abundance of grammatical errors and factual errors by the skeptics. I’m not persuaded by your argument when you cannot write properly or research correctly.]

The final case was Dedman’s appearance on Ghost Adventurers. The video clip depicted Dedman speaking with Zak Bagans, lead investigator, explaining a spirit box session at the infamous Ax Murder House where an entity said “Legion.” This is a term for demon and unnerved Dedman.

The Villisca Ax Murder House, located in Iowa, was the site of the brutal murder of 8 people on June 10, 1912. [Note: Again, I have problems with the official website of this location due to the number of grammatical errors and the inconsistency in the name “Ax” or “Axe.”]

Dedman’s humor masks the pain he suffers through his work. Once someone faces a demon, he is marked for life. Relationships suffer. Health issues arise. Lives change—and not for the better.

Protect Yourself

Dedman protects himself with a blessed St. Benedict medal. He recites the “Prayer to St. Michael, the Archangel.” He uses blessed salt to protect his environs. And he always puts people first. Proceeds from his booth sales go to the Catholic Church. Dedman is a man of God doing God’s work in very dark corners.

On a positive note: Dedman’s book has been picked up by a publisher and should be published in late 2015. For more information about Bishop Long’s Demonology course, please view www.demonologyclass.com.