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Amy Allan

Amy Allan & Bella at Scarefest.

A Genuine Amy Allan

Amy Allan stood nervously in front of the 100+ people at Scarefest and was amazed. She was utterly surprised that all of these people wanted to listen to her. She was very popular and her Q & A quite informative.

Amy Allan is the psychic medium star of Travel Channel’s Dead Files. Together with retired police detective Steve DiSchiavi, Amy tours predominately residential houses helping the occupants understand the possible paranormal events occurring. The show is very popular.

Amy Allan comes from a lineage of psychics. Though Amy admits to difficult teen years, she eventually embraced her gifts and studied under Dr. William Roll. Early in her career, Amy apprenticed with Dr. Roll in the Haunting in Georgia case.

Initially approached in 2003, Amy declined an offer for the TV show because of contractual obligations with CBS. However, things changed by 2007 and Amy agreed to join the show…but on her terms. Amy works within a scientific background and demands certain methodology to ensure that the cases are not compromised. She is adamant that the rules be followed so that the results and data are not faulty—basically to preserve integrity.

Walk-through investigations take between 3-6 hours. They are physically draining. Afterwards, Amy meditates, orders a lot of food to help with grounding, takes a bath with oils and salts, and then she sleeps—a lot. Psychic work is tough on the mind and the body.

Amy travels “with a lot of dead people” who surround her and protect her during the walks. Amy calls her spirit guides “amazing,” stating “They have my back.”

Prior to arriving at a location, Amy conducts a partial opening. Understandably, the walk-throughs are edited and pared down.

Some additional factoids:

  • Ex-husband Matt removes the personal items; however, it takes 3-4 people to reassemble the house.
  • Amy travels 26 days a month, 8 months a year.
  • Amy agrees with most of the sketches; however, she prefers to work with a police sketch artist.
  • The sketches take between 3-4 hours to create with the longest taking 9 hours.
  • Amy thought the sketch from the Alaska investigation was a practical joke by the crew.
  • Amy has encountered dead family pets, as well as a cow.
  • Amy is working on 2 books.

Amy continued the Q & A session by telling the crowd the importance for the living to release the dead, especially children. Amy educates the attendees. Dead Files incorporates skeptics with a psychic medium supported by research. The most important aspect is to isolate the medium from the researcher. This eliminates contamination. Despite Internet gossip, Amy does use paranormal equipment. She would like to see it used more in scientifically controlled environments. Amy encourages paranormal groups to do more than use the tools; incorporate them into longer research endeavors.

Amy Allan was genuine and entertaining. Asked whether Dead Files was renewed for another season, Amy merely smiled. Wink. Wink.