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thomas berry house

In 2007 an anonymous letter was received by the Georgia Ghost Society, or GGS, of Atlanta. The letter detailed disturbing supernatural events that were said to be taking place at the Thomas A. Berry House. The letter writer asked GGS to come to Dalton to help rid the location of its squatting entities. Not only were some of the residents of the house hearing unexplainable sounds and feeling as if someone unseen was monitoring them, they also claimed to be seeing apparitions and experiencing uncharacteristically high levels of agitation.

GGS answered the summons, as have other paranormal investigators since. The findings have been shocking and reports of paranormal activity continue.

The Carter Hope Center, ran by founder and director Chuck Smith, operates from the Thomas A. Berry House. Serving the community since 1998, Carter Hope is a nonprofit organization that provides a structured and safe living environment to individuals in…

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