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Ouerbacker-Clement House

Ouerbacker-Clement House

Historic “Haunted” Mansion Sells for $1.00

Anyone in the market to buy a house missed a golden opportunity in Louisville, Kentucky. The Ouerbacker-Clement House went up for tax sale and sold for the unbelievably bargain price of one dollar. Remarkably this is not the first time the mansion sold for a buck.

The Ouerbacker-Clement House was built in the 1860s for coffee merchant Samuel Ouerbacker (1841-1922). Built in the Richardsonian Romanesque style, the mansion sits in the Russell neighborhood. Ouerbacker resided in the mansion until his death in 1922.

The next resident was Reverend George Clement, a bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. The house was rezoned and a tax preparation business set up shop afterwards. Ironically, the house went for auction for unpaid taxes. An architect purchased the home with the intent to restore the abandoned, dilapidated home; however, he was unable to see his vision through to fruition.

Reportedly haunted, the mansion sits across from a cemetery. Oracle Design purchased the home. The company has acquired several properties in this neighborhood. Plans include restoration and division of the mansion into apartments. Sorry I missed this bargain!