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Patrick HT Doyle

Patrick HT Doyle

Paranormal Field Notes Benefit All Investigators

Field notes are invaluable. They capture moments when the memory fails. Field books contain notes, drawings, and working hypotheses. Patrick H.T. Doyle’s Ghosts from the Ground Up: Field Notes of a Ghost Miner interweaves observation, reflection, and visual imagery and comes up with an entertaining paranormal read.

Oregon’s Crescent Mine has long been believed to be haunted. Located outside Sumpter, Oregon, the entire area has reported activity. This town ceased to thrive when the gold mining dried up. The town’s population is under 300 people; moreover, tourism is the main, possibly only, economic activity.

Ghost Mine debuted on SyFy on January 16, 3013. For two seasons (18 episodes), Doyle, along with investigator Kristen Luman, searched for answers deep within the mine, while a group of burley miners searched for gold. Doyle and Luman respected the miners and their boundaries. The investigation uncovered a lot of fascinating evidence and data. Unfortunately, SyFy opted not to renew the series for a third season. Instead, Doyle penned his book.

This book is a journey. Doyle views investigations like a science experiment. Peppered throughout are definitions and explanations and very few conclusions. But that’s not the point. Doyle’s writing is reminiscent of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, also developed from traveling field notes. Doyle offers up unanswered questions, and his commentary is humble and honest. The vagabond lifestyle ended decades ago; however, readers still yearn for an armchair adventure. This one involves the paranormal. Doyle’s book is a great gift for anyone interested in the paranormal. Add this one to your para collection!