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ParaUnity: Why We Can’t Get Along

Very few people earn a living in the paranormal field. The perception that only investigators who are on TV are the “professionals” in this field is misleading. Actually, it’s untrue. Plenty of people know as much as or even more about the paranormal than those on TV. Although most of us are not “professional” paranormal people, we do act professionally.

The paranormal community takes repeated bashing from skeptics. So, why do we beat up on each other? We should stand together. Here are some helpful communication tips:

  • Think before you speak, tweet, or post.
  • Educate yourself before expressing your opinion.
  • Constructive criticism is okay. It’s actually quite beneficial. Keeps us on our toes, invites discourse and discussion. Blindly trashing someone based on emotional attachment is ineffective.
  • Don’t proffer an opinion without educating yourself on the issue. If you don’t know the answer, say so.
  • Conduct research. Research is vital.
  • Add to the discussion.
  • Support your opinions with facts.
  • Remain positive. Being positive does not mean you’re complacent. More sugar; less stick.

ParaUnity is attainable. The paranormal community can get along. We are a family—often dysfunctional—but a family.