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Haunting of Cellblock 11

Haunting of Cellblock 11

Haunting of Cellblock 11 Released on DVD with Bonus Features

Bonus features trump the ease of Video on Demand (VOD) purchases. And the Haunting of Cellblock 11 raises the stakes. Released last week, the Andrew P. Jones film includes two additional segments: the History of the Missouri State Penitentiary and a Director’s Commentary. Even though I purchased the digital copy, I have ordered the DVD just to get the bonus features.

The movie was filmed on location at the now closed Missouri State Penitentiary. Known as “the bloodiest 47 acres in America,” the prison operated from March 1836 to September 15, 2004. The prison housed male and female prisoners. Its history included riots, executions, and prison breaks. In addition, visitors have experienced unexplained paranormal phenomena. Visit the official Website, http://www.missouripentours.com/, for more information.

Also included in the DVD package is an on-going Commentary with Andrew and some of the actors. Andrew assures viewers that it is not the stuffy commentary feature other movies include. I cannot wait to view!

On a side note, this movie is NOT a “found footage” film. Found footage is a sub-genre of movie making where raw, unedited footage is assembled as the movie. Examples may be documentary films or collage films. It can be fictional or non-fictional. Basically the director uses film footage as a “found” object. Andrew did not use found footage for this movie. Further, all of the footage in the Haunting of Cellblock 11 was unique to the movie. This movie was filmed based on a script, which Andrew wrote.

I thoroughly enjoyed Haunting of Cellblock 11. It is a great horror movie. View it for what it is: an independent film shot on a low-budget. To review the movie otherwise does the film a disservice and reduces the writer’s credibility. Order your copy and make sure to watch the added features. I will!