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Lily Groesbeck

Lily Groesbeck

Ghostly Rescue: A Mother’s Cry

Friday, March 7, 2015, a mother and her daughter were returning from visiting the mother’s parents, when the car struck a cement barrier and went into the water. There were no skid marks. The cause of the accident remains a mystery. (Note: New reports are focusing on illegal drugs and prescription pain medication; however, toxicology results are weeks away.)

The wreck went unnoticed until the following afternoon when a fisherman discovered the car. A second mystery formed.

Utah police officers claim to have heard a mother’s plea for help emanating from the lake. The car was submerged. Driver, 25-year-old Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck, was dead. Known as “Jenny,” she did not survive the car crash. Her 18-month-old daughter, Lily, miraculously did. Properly strapped in her car seat, Lily endured 13-14 hours dangling upside down in the car before rescuers arrived. Experts credit Jenny for saving Lily’s life. Had it not been for Jenny’s attention to directions, the car seat may not have held Lily above the freezing waters. Jenny did in fact save Lily’s life.

But the story continues. The four Spanish Fork Police Department officers claim to have heard Jenny calling out to them. One officer had a brief conversation with the mother. However, the rescuers soon discovered that there wasn’t anyone who could have spoken with them.

The story has exploded. It is heart wrenching. The police officers are unwavering. This would not be the first story claiming ghostly intervention in tragic fatal accidents.

Urban legends abound of ghosts lingering at an accident scene. Some seek assistance for an injured child caught in the wreck. Some merely want someone to find their bodies. Search the Internet for “white lady” stories and you will see a lot of “true” stories. Nevertheless, readers may be surprised that some of these stories are actually true.

One story came out of Thailand. In 2014, a Phitsanulok mother, Kallaya Katenawa, told police that her dead son’s ghost attempted to speak to her. Media reports claim the spirit was telling his mother that he was murdered. The 13-year-old boy was found dead, and police ruled the death as an accidental drowning. Mrs. Katenawa told her story to a group of people who ultimately led police to uncover that the boy was indeed murdered. A group of teens beat him to death.

Kallaya Katenawa

Kallaya Katenawa holding picture of her dead son.

While I don’t think every story on the Internet is true, I do believe that ghostly interventions occur. I also believe the sincerity in the interviews by the Spanish Fork police officers. Baby Lily had someone looking after her. Was it her mother? Only time will tell. Know this: She is one blessed child.