Sad loss but beautiful story. RIP Bill. Now your wings let you fly.

Musings of a Haunted Flight Attendant

This morning I found out that a friend and co-worker of mine passed away after fighting lung cancer for almost two years.   Delta_L1011

Delta L1011, retired fleet in 2001

Here is my post from FaceBook this morning:

My heart is broken… The last time I flew with Bill was Easter two years ago. Shortly after that he was diagnosed with cancer… Sweet Bill, may your journey into the light be beautiful… I loved flying with you and hope you keep soaring and continuing your adventures. You will be greatly missed…

PS… Don’t forget to latch the meal carts in the lower galley on the L1011 before takeoff… Oops… Chocolate cake was everywhere… 

This was followed by a statement from our airline giving condolences and info on the funeral.

As I sat here, looking out into my sunroom (only gets the afternoon and evening sun…  Sun does not shine into this…

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