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Stacey Jones, Ghost Cop

Stacey Jones, Ghost Cop

Ghost Cop: Investigating with Stacey Jones

People have been investigating paranormal activity for hundreds of years. Yes. Hundreds of years. Don’t let the expansion of cable networks and the influx of paranormal reality TV shows fool you. Likewise, there are people who have spent decades investigating. Further, some of these people like to share their tips, techniques, and antidotes with others. One such person is Stacey Jones, the nation’s leading paranormal investigator.

Stacey started investigating in 1984 while a police officer in New York. She founded the Central New York Ghost Hunters (CNYGH) and was lovingly christened the “Ghost Cop.” She has investigated over 1,000 haunted locations, has been featured on two A Haunting episodes, and has appeared on various paranormal reality TV shows. Her tale is cautionary; her teenage son attracted a nasty spirit on a seemingly benign cemetery investigation. It took 12 months to exorcize the demon from him. Her other stories are just as riveting.

She has since retired from the police force and team investigating. Instead, Stacey frequently shows up at public investigations and dives right in. She joined the Archer Paranormal Investigations team (API Gals) and some of our friends on our investigation at the Old Hawkinsville State Hospital, also known as Taylor Memorial Hospital. And we were thrilled to the point of giddy to share the evening with her.

Stacey brings over 30 years of experience and common sense to an investigation. She is a life-long researcher and reader of the paranormal, religion, and history. She knows a lot. I mean a lot. She is highly likeable and engaging. She treats everyone, living and dead, with the utmost of respect. She does not confront or threaten or yell. The only obscenities are aimed toward herself. While dumping some of her equipment into her folding chair, Stacey deftly balanced the chair with her coffee while proclaiming herself, “the laziest bitch investigator today.” Not quite! She is hardworking—listening, analyzing, and contemplating where the activity may originate from.

Some of our friends were investigating for the first time. Stacey patiently displayed her equipment, encouraging them to try them out. She provided tips and techniques. She took the group under her wing and started searching for evidence. On short breaks she entertained us with battle stories and commentary. She doesn’t namedrop. Nor is she boastful. Deep in her heart, Stacey is a teacher. She relishes explaining the how-tos and whys. I learned quite a bit!

Whenever possible, investigate with an authority. Paranormal “celebrities” have packed tour schedules. Check online for upcoming investigations. You will learn new investigation techniques. Stacey likes to holler, “Hello. I can’t see you.” Love that! What a great way to engage with a spirit? It’s non-threatening and allows them to come forward—if they so choose.

Stacey Jones and John Zaffis

Stacey Jones and John Zaffis

You will glean information. They bring different equipment, and you may get to test them out. We tested out the Bionic Ear. 2L Lisa immediately purchased the following morning.

They also reinforce techniques you may already utilize. For instance, Stacey doesn’t confront, she remains respectful, she thanks them, and she prays before and after an investigation. These are all things that the API Gals do. Guessing I’m going to be getting another folding chair to traipse across abandoned buildings and cemeteries so I can be like Stacey.

For more information on Stacey, please view her Website http://ghostcop.org/. I look forward to investigating again with Stacey. It was a wonderful experience. Even the torrential downpour couldn’t dampen our excitement. Just like 2L, I love me some Stacey Jones!