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API Gals @ Through the Veil

Visit the API Gals at Through the Veil, June 5-7, in Atlanta, Georgia.

The API Gals are excited to see Tim Woolworth. Here is what TTV posted:

Paranormal friends, what do you think about real time, 2-way voice communication with the deceased? Is it possible? Is it already happening? The history of communication attempts is fascinating! (Google The Scole Experiment, World ITC .org, Kaunstantine Raudive…) Approximately 10 years ago a man named Frank Sumption designed something he called the Frank’s Box which worked with radio and random …volt generators. The idea being that Spirit can manipulate radio speech fragments to communicate with us. Since then, many variations exist but the overall design is similar. Researchers like Tim Woolworth have devoted a great amount of time to experimenting with devices like this. Tim will be with us at the 7th Annual Through The Veil discussing Ghost boxes and what the voices have revealed.

Tim Woolworth

Tim Woolworth

The schedule is packed with special guest, fascinating sessions, and lots of vendors. Click here for the schedule, http://www.throughtheveil.org/2015-Schedule.html. Tickets are still available. Less than a month away. See you there!