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Larry Flaxman

Larry Flaxman

7th Annual Through the Veil & Larry Flaxman

The 7th Annual Through the Veil (TTV) event was this past weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. This was my first time attending. I loved every minute of it! TTV is a premiere event where attendees have intimate access to incredible speakers. The event focuses on spirituality, metaphysics, and the supernatural.

Where to begin? I have no earthly idea where to start. Therefore, I will break my blog into smaller posts. The API Gals had a vendor table in order to share production footage and promotional material for True Ghost Stories, debuting on ROKU in September. Even though Lisa and I had a table, we were able to pop into sessions. I’ve never had so much access to a wide array of people in the industry.

This year’s keynote speaker was Larry Flaxman. Prior to his talk, Larry stopped by our table to say “Hi” and chit-chat. Beforehand, I thought Larry was an accomplished author. I’ve since appended my opinion. Larry is an all-around cool—like COOL—guy. He spent the night before handing out 100 McDonald’s hamburgers at area homeless shelters. Pretty remarkable! What a great role model!

Larry’s talk centered on this year’s theme: facing our fears. He disclosed very personal moments in his life where he needed to face a fear. In total, Larry shared six events. He said, “Change is a requirement of life.” Further, he encouraged everyone to embrace our fears. Share and talk about our fears. Most importantly, “visualize success.”

The next day, I attended Larry’s session “The Grid: Exploring the Hidden Infrastructure of Reality.” Wow. Just wow. I took copious notes. Well, sort of. Most of his talk was above my head but just within reach. I need to read his book (entitled the same), co-written with Marie D. Jones. I’ve attached one page of my notes.



Basically, our reality is like one floor of a skyscraper. Each floor has a different reality. Each floor is a connector. In theory, we may be able to use a connector to reach another level of reality. This hypothetical skyscraper sits in a city with other skyscrapers. The realities are numerous. “Leakage” occurs when two worlds connect sporadically. What a paranormal investigator may think is a ghost, may be a person in another reality leaking through.

I’ll have to end the discussion here until I’ve read the book. I certainly don’t want to misinterpret Larry’s words and misconstrue this remarkable theory. Look for a book review soon.

So here’s your take-away: Through the Veil is an event you should attend! Not only do you mingle with incredible people, you sit in sessions that are fascinating. And the vendor tables were pretty darn awesome, too.