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Chase Kloetzke

Chase Kloetzke

Ufology & Chase Kloetzke

There is a wide variety of speakers and vendors at Through the Veil. In all honesty, I think Michelle Griffin, owner of Through the Veil Productions, LLC, should take advantage of this and wordsmith the subtitle more. I cannot emphasize the scope of the speakers: You would be hard-pressed to get this session roster with full-on access. I’m still giddy at all of the people I got one-on-one time with. But I digress. I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Chase Kloetzke, Ufologist/author/MUFON member.

I immediately liked Chase. She shatters all stereotypical perceptions on what a U.F.O. researcher/investigator looks like. Quickly peruse her “About” section on her Website, http://www.chasekloetzke.com/home.html, and you will see that she is well-educated and fully capable of leading an investigation. Currently, Chase is the Deputy Director of Investigations and Special Case Manager at M.U.F.O.N. (Mutual U.F.O. Network). And trust me: Chase is passionate.

Chase enthusiastically discussed another guest speaker Thom Reed and his case. Earlier this year, Thom Reed’s encounters were deemed “historically significant and true” by the Great Barrington Historical Society and Museum, http://www.tomreed.info/home.html. I’ll be blogging about Thom later this week. What I really liked about Chase was the way she discussed the Reed family’s case. She didn’t just say, “They encountered aliens. Believe it because I said so.” Instead, Chase ticked off the amount of evidence collected in this investigation. There were eyewitness reports. There are a lot of documents. There were polygraphs administered. There’s a ton here, but more on that later this week. Chase’s enthusiasm for Thom’s case was contagious.

Chase has authored/co-authored two books; she hosts the Fate Magazine Radio show, which airs every Sunday evening at 8 pm EST; and she appears at conferences around the country. She speaks on a vast array of topics. One in particular piqued my interest. Chase discussed a type of early warning system created to alert people prone to frequent encounters when a possible encounter will take place. I’m fascinated by this. (Note: I don’t believe that I’ve ever encountered alien life forms; however, I do believe in the possibility of extraterrestrial life.) I want to know more about this. Hopefully, I will. Stay tuned for an announcement on when Chase will be on Archer Paranormal Radio, www.wlor.net.