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Tammy Gadd Mugshot

Tammy Gadd Mugshot

Ghosts Don’t Appear When Intoxicated

Tammy Gadd was arrested Monday, June 15, 2015, after calling 911 and admitting to smoking meth. The story and media buzz could end there…except Ms. Gadd claimed that she was seeing ghosts. According to the Laurel County (KY) Facebook page (below), Gadd and another woman, Linda Johnson, were arrested shortly before 5:00 AM after Gadd called 911. When police responded, Ms. Gadd ticked off items she ingested—admittedly an enormous illegal cocktail—that caused her to hallucinate and see ghosts. Unfortunately, thrill seekers may follow suit, hoping that the consumption of illegal narcotics will cause them to see real ghosts. This is simply not true. There is no need to consume any intoxicant to see an apparition. Do not attempt. If you do, expect to be arrested not enlightened.

Laurel Co. Sheriff Department

2 arrested off Creech Road:

Sheriff John Root is reporting that Deputy Shawn Jackson arrested two individuals on Creech Road, approximately 5 miles north of London early Monday morning June 15, 2015 at approximately 4:57 AM. The arrest occurred after a female subject called 911 stating that she had done some meth earlier and was now seeing ghosts. When Deputy Jackson along with EMS arrived at the scene they located 2 female subjects outside. Tammy Gadd, the female subject who had phoned 911, told Deputy Jackson that she had snorted two lines of meth and then smoked some meth off foil. In addition, she stated that she had taken muscle relaxers, and drank a half pint of vodka and three beers and that she had started seeing ghosts and hallucinations. This subject told Deputy Jackson that she was happy to be arrested. Deputy Jackson arrested Tammy Gadd age 42 of Wildwood apartments, London charging her with public intoxication – controlled substances. Also arrested was the other female subject there identified as Linda Johnson 49 of Old Salem Rd., London charged with public intoxication – controlled substances and resisting arrest. This subject also stated that she had been doing meth by snorting some and then smoked some off aluminum foil. When told that she was under arrest she stated – I am not going to jail and had to be escorted to the police cruiser. Both subjects were lodged in the Laurel County Detention Center. Photos attached are courtesy of the Laurel County Detention Center.

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