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Campy Antics at Scarefest 9


“All things eerie and mysterious” descend in Lexington every fall. Scarefest started in 2008. Held annually in Lexington, Kentucky, Scarefest is billed as the largest horror and paranormal convention in the United States. Every year Patty Star, owner and CEO, attempts to outdo the previous year. This year was no different. Built around the incredibly popular and financially lucrative franchise of “Friday the 13th,” Scarefest 9’s theme was “Camp Scarefest.”

Celebrity guests are the largest draw for attendees. Camping out this year were former stars from Friday the 13th movies, Rob Zombie’s 31, The People under the Stairs, Scream, and Children of the Corn. Rounding out the schedule were paranormal favorites Kim Russo, Jason Hawes, Chip Coffey, and new breakout fan-favorite Elizabeth Saint. Attendees have a lot of access with V.I.P. parties, photo opportunities, and chit-chatting at the individual tables.

There’s a great deal to take in. Balancing out the celebrity sightings are vendors and seminars. In addition, cosplay appears to be growing with the addition of professional cosplay entertainers. Bring a camera and don’t be shy. These performers love an audience and enjoy posing with fans.

This year Paranormal Filler host Wes Forsythe kicked off the inaugural season of Scarefest Radio, http://scarefestradio.com/. Wes brings vendors and guests to the Internet airwaves as a preview for the coming events. Brilliant! Scarefest Radio returns in a couple of weeks for Scarefest 10. Tune in for a chance to win a 3-day pass, given away weekly.