Halloween is Popular—Seriously Popular


Next week children and adults across America will celebrate Halloween. Seven in 10 American adults plan to partake in the spooky tradition. Consumer spending in 2015 exceeded $7.9 billion dollars. Spending this year is expected to surpass $8.4 billion dollars. Halloween is a seriously popular holiday.

Over 68% of adult respondents stated they planned on celebrating Halloween in 2015. That’s a lot! Children and adults celebrate the holiday. Both dress up. Last year 11% of children dressed up as a princess, while 13% of adults dressed up as witches. However, pets are also participating, with 11% of adults saying they dress up their pets. This year, superhero costumes are the favorite. Halloween is a family affair.

Candy collecting peaks on October 31st. According to Influenster (https://www.influenster.com/article/americas-favorite-halloween-candy-state-by-state), candy corn remains popular in a lot of states. Surprising! Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were the top choice of the 40,000 respondents. Note: This survey only surveyed users of the site. More importantly, Americans spend $27 per person on candy. That equals $2.5 billion on candy alone. Candy spending for Halloween has now surpassed Easter candy spending.

Halloween embraces the things we love: dressing up and eating candy. But Halloween is more complex than that. There are many sources available online to research the origins of the holiday. Just know: It’s not the Devil’s Holiday; it’s America’s.