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People of Earth is Special

U.F.O. encounters become mainstream entertainment in People of Earth. TBS’s new comedic series is quirky and light while long on humor.

The 10-episode first season of People of Earth follows Ozzie Graham (played by Wyatt Cenac), a journalist, who profiles a small group of “experiencers” (preferred term for alien abductees) who form the support group StarCrossed. The members of the group meet to reconcile their experiences with three distinct types of aliens. Ozzie unintentionally outs the members but ultimately believes them and takes a job at the local small-town newspaper.

The TBS original comedy incorporates subtle humor while not poking fun of the experiencers. Instead, the show’s humor lies in addressing the loneliness and rejection the group members experience in real life. The aliens make sure that the abductees feel special as they end the abduction by reaffirming: You are special. People of Earth is worth the time. Check it out.


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