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Bruce Campbell Is Seeking A Few Horror Freak Fans


Comic-Con royalty Bruce Campbell is making a call. Are you prepared to answer? Last month Mr. Campbell posted a teaser about his new competition reality show centered on the horror movie genre. Several entertainment sites have posted brief summaries with a link to the Pitman Casting application. Be prepared; it’s thorough. For any horror movie aficionado, applying is mandatory. Heck. I did it.


In 1979, Bruce Campbell with his friends Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert raised $300,000 to produce the low-budget horror classic The Evil Dead (1981). Written and directed by Raimi, The Evil Dead is set in a cabin deep in the wilderness where five college friends head for a mini-vacation only to encounter an evil entity, who kills them off one-by-one. Bruce Campbell played Ashley “Ash” J. Williams, a role that garnered him horror fan royalty. The movie earned $2.4 million in the US in its first run. Since then, it has earned over $29 million worldwide and spawned several sequels and the reboot TV series Ash vs Evil Dead on STARZ. Bruce Campbell brings a campiness to the character of Ash. He’s quirky, odd, with just enough bravado to save his life. He would be the perfect host for a locked-in group horror experience. Luckily, he will host and produce the series.


The firm deadline is February 1, 2017 at 6 PM PST; however, early submissions are encouraged. Take a day or two to complete. There are short and long form questions, plus you must supply three people to provide character references, as well as two photographs and a copy of your driver’s license. Only people above the age of 18 will be considered. Pitman Casting reserves the right to request a psych and mental evaluations in the second round of casting.

Specifically, the production company is looking for people who are horror fans. Filmmakers, bloggers, cosplay actors/actresses, make-up people, paranormal enthusiasts, horror experts, and people who have growing paranormal collections. The ad does not state how many people will be selected, nor the number of locations for filming. Ultimately, the “horror freak fan will spend the night in a haunted location with Bruce Campbell.” And for a horror fan-girl like me, it would be groovy!


Follow the link to apply: http://ihorror.com/want-cast-horror-house-reality-show-bruce-campbell-heres/