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Netflix’s Zombie Comedy Santa Clarita Diet Debuts

Zombies are a billion dollar industry. Books, movies, comics, video games, and conventions bring in a lot of green. According to The Vore.com, the zombie genre is declining in popularity. However, it’s not too late for Netflix to enter the fray with the new sit-com, Santa Clarita Diet.


Zombies originated in African lore, although they appear in other cultural stories. The name means “enslaved spirit,” who was under the spell of a sorcerer, although not always a dead person. The tales evolved so that modern zombies are the walking dead, eating the flesh of humans. White Zombie (1932) is considered the first zombie-themed motion picture. The genre gained popularity in the 70s and has remained a staple in horror films. Zombies can be funny, as in iZombie. Netflix is banking on its new comedy series to expand its television offerings.

Santa Clarita Diet is a 30-minute comedy series debuting Friday, February 3, 2017. Starring Drew Barrymore (as “Sheila”) and Timothy Olyphant (as “Joel”) as a middle-aged married realtors. (Notice the link between Scream and Scream 2?) The trailer shows a campy couple raising a teenager while adjusting to Sheila’s new medically required diet. Barrymore’s personality is infectious! The series title is a possible spoof to the South Beach Diet, popular fad diet. Season 1 consists of a minimum of 10 episodes. Check back to see whether I’ll be watching the second episode. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjRnbOgoAUQ.